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Monday, 19 March 2018

Talking About Games reviews 5026 Death in the Snow book

In the forth of his Flintloque video articles and reviews, following on his Flintloque video review of 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar beginners box and of our FL22 Adventurers Party plus the Third Scenario of Escape the Dark Czar it was my pleasure to see Talking About Games new review of the expanded Witchlands book for Flintloque; 5026 Death in the Snow. A ninety six page game book with full rules and setting taking you from your beginning in Flintloque to the full thing. 

My thanks to Abraham of 'TAG' channel and I will point out that we gave the book to TAG for free but we had no input in the review.

The review is around fifty minutes in length and is very deep and thorough covering all aspects of Death in the Snow. The book deals with the Emperor Mordred of the Elves assembling the greatest army ever known to march upon Moskova the capital of the frozen Witchlands and lair of the Dark Czar. Moskova burns and a trap is sprung leading the great retreat and it is here that adventure beckons. Play as one of a dozen races in the Grand Armee or as the Undead hunting them down. A full Flintloque game book it has all the rules and these are spoken about and the nature of the Undead too. A great listen indeed. 

Go along to our website HERE for more on Flintloque and Death in the Snow. You can get the book in print or as a digital download or as a shilling pack with miniatures and three scenarios too. Check out our Begin in Flintloque page HERE too for more free materials.

A nice blog article over on Bogenwold concerning a Flintloque players unboxing of his later order which includes a Shilling Service Pack for Beir and Bones.  Excellent review and excellent value.

If you want to talk about Flintloque and see what is happening or to ask questions then join our Alternative Armies Tabletop Gaming Group on Facebook where I lurk and will be happy to talking gaming with you.

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