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Thursday, 22 April 2021

Wayside Shrine and Shrine Tokens 28mm released

“Dust may coat your feet as you trudge along the dirt trail and you may ask yourself why your gods have forsaken you as your belly rumbles.  Worry not though for a Wayside Shrine is ahead and any offering you make will surely be answered with fresh water and a good meal.”  

Two releases into our 28mm Black Powder Terrain range which can be used for many time periods as well as for Flintloque and Slaughterloo of course.  They join more than a dozen other pieces such as Tents, Abandoned Wagons, Barricades, Campaign Table and Hand Cart.  Go HERE.

59542 Wayside Shrine

Along the road as the dust rises and the troops march, some fall out from the column to make offerings at the shrine which has stood for an age and gives comfort. This code composes a 28mm scale high quality resin building great for your table.  A roofed shrine at the top of a set of stone steps cut into a rocky outcrop.  It is a single piece and can be used rurally or near a road or in an urban area.  A focal point for a scenario or just part of your table.  You can place any token or items on it or within its arch as you please. This building is 60mm tall.  If you would like items to use with this building look to 59542P Shrine Tokens.

59542P Shrine Tokens (Set of Six or Singles)

Each to their own gods and their faiths.  Place your tokens and make your prayers. This code contains six different 28mm scale metal pieces ideal for scenic use on buildings or on the bases of your figures or in their hands or on backpacks and so forth.  Contents are: Dark Elf Saint (Catalucia), Goblin Saint (Al-Garvey), Todoroni Saint (Nepolise), Plate with Coins, Vase with Flowers, Sign of Sentinel (Greate Britorcn) Look to 59542 Wayside Shrine for the building these were made for. Note any miniatures shown not of this code are for scale only and not supplied (in images the Wayside Shrine is shown with these pieces upon it).

See the whole range of terrain HERE for all of the highly detailed Barricades and other pieces.  This includes a value pack with a saving.

We have a whole array of 'Bits and Sprues' for adding to your scenics, your table or your miniatures.  Horses and other mounts as well as animals live and deceased. From tankards to pastry pies, fruit, feathers and weapons too. Go HERE for a look.

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