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Monday, 7 June 2021

Free Rules for Furioso – Leonardo Da Vinci and Handbushen Light Gun

A new one page free download for the Furioso Renaissance Warfare game system.  See the entire range plus both books in print and as digital downloads HERE.

We have also taken the opportunity to update the imagery of our HOT101 Da Vinci Tank and HOT102 Leonardo Da Vinci on foot and mounted.

Furioso - Additional Game Rules: Hosted on our website you can download by CLICKING HERE a one page PDF which has game rules for adding the legendary man of science as well as the light gun known as a Handbushen to your games.  Written by Steve Danes.  You can find many other free files for this game on its page on the website including Ottoman Empire army list and scenarios.

A simply amazing man who can be said to have been one of the great persons to have ever lived.  We present Da Vinci in person and his famous 'Turtle' or 'Tank' for your table in 15mm scale.

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