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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Valon Villagers and Orc Militia for Flintloque

Alternative Armies is delighted to present two further restored codes for the World of Valon in new molds with new images.  These follow up on the Deserter Army of Obidiah and on the twelve classic packs which returned in March too.  

All adding to Flintloque and to Slaughterloo choice for players in the realm of Orcs of Albion and typical folks to be found near battlefields.

58102 Valon Villagers: This returned and expanded pack gives you four different 28mm scale metal miniatures. An Orc wench in dress and bonnet, Elf woodsman or sailor with axe, Orc bandit or hunter with crossbow and lastly Elf villager with short pike.  Very useful in your games.  You can choose the pack or singles from the pack on its page.  Go HERE.

54514 Orc Militia: The Fencibles are the poorest quality Orcish soldiers and often privately raised. Meant only to serve at home in Albion they can sometimes travel to the front lines of the war. This restored code contains seven different poses and can be had as a skirmish pack of eight, a unit of twenty or single poses by choice.  There is a saving in the unit sized choice for Slaughterloo or big games of Flintloque.  Led by an Orc Gentleman who paid to raise them there are three poses of trooper with musket plus a bare headed trooper and a sitting trooper.  Lastly a larger muscular Orc Sergeant.  Make your choices on the page HERE.

We hope you enjoy these restored miniatures and these are most suited to 5025 War in Catalucia and 5020 Slaughterloo which can be had in print or as digital downloads with a saving.

Our next and last news for Flintloque this month will be the brand new release of the next unit in the Legion de Nain this week....

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