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Monday, 12 November 2018

Black Friday Season Mega Event 2018 now on and biggest of the year!

Now on and until 9am GMT Tuesday 27th November there is a Black Friday Season Mega Event happening at Alternative Armies. We have automatic Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders over 15GBP of product placed in the cart (you need do nothing but add to cart but please note tracked shipping remains a flat 10GBP charge to select) and we have TEN brand new releases too during the event.  Each of these new releases ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER CODE ON THE WEBSITE is 10% off regular price during the event and they are all online now with a place holder image; getting their own news during the event.  We have new 28mm Fantasy, 15mm Fantasy, 15mm Science Fiction and new Flintloque releases too.   Go HERE or read on.

All of these releases (minus their images) are now online along with all our other special offers for the event and more. We will feature each new release in its own news article on its day in detail during this event. Here are the new codes and the top offers we have alongside our free postage! Its huge and it will end with a Cyber Monday (26th Nov) promotion on all our digital download books (all the other deals are still on during Cyber Monday too).  We will be shipping almost every day during the event worldwide. Enjoy and here are the details. 

New Releases! 
All of these brand new codes are on the website now on the New Releases page as well as their own sections of the website.  Each will be detailed with pictures in its own news article during the event.

28mm Fantasy Range
VNT43 Wraiths II (4 Miniatures)
VNT44 Wraith Riders (2 Mounted Miniatures)
VNT45 Wraith Riders II (2 Mounted Miniatures)
VNT28 Wraiths (4 Miniatures) (Re-Mastered 2018)

Flintloque and Slaughterloo

15mm Fantasy Range
HOT114 Wraiths (16 Miniatures)
HOT115 Wraiths II (16 Miniatures)
HOT36 Wraith Cavalry (6 Mounted Miniatures)
HOT74 Wraith Lord on Fell Beast (1 Miniature) (Re-Mastered 2018)

15mm Science Fiction Range
HOF121 SFA Bear Cat Battlesuit (1 Multi-Pose Kit)

Black Friday Mega Event 10% off Everything On the Website
That's correct during the event we have taken 10% off every single code on the website in all of the ranges in all of the scales.  This is on top of free shipping.  This applies to miniatures, books, downloads, dice, bases and of course our pro-painted service.  All normal priced codes (not bundles or divisional boxes which are already discounted) are ten percent reduced on screen.  All you need do is add to cart as the discount is already applied.  Have a browse of our ranges using this LIST on our blog or by going across the top menu of the website home page HERE.

Cyber Monday Mega Digital Event!
On our Digital Downloads page you can find titles such as Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Furioso, Sulphur, Sengoku Monster Hunter, USEME and others.  Paid for downloads which are 30% cheaper during the event ending 9am GMT 27th November 2018.  This is ten percent further off the already twenty percent less than the print version.  A 30% saving.  Please note that this offer is valid during the entire event but will be public stated on Cyber Monday.  Go HERE.

If you have not already done so we urge you to go to our website home page, scroll to the bottom and join our mailing list through the box provided there. You will also not miss out on all the new releases and fun as we send out each day's new release and news as well as regular news and more after the Black Friday event.

Lastly if you wish to combine orders with our smaller sister site The Ion Age then you can and you get access to the offers and free shipping. Send an email to and list out all the codes you want from both websites along with your shipping address and your paypal email. We will respond with a total and send you an invoice to pay. Easy and you can get ahold of the brand new Magog 15mm scale giant mecha.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the biggest event of the year! 


Monday, 5 November 2018

15mm Christmas Range packs and HOTT Army on offer this week!

The seasonal range in 15mm scale at Alternative Armies has brought you Evil Snowmen, Killer Xmas Trees, Abominable Snow Monsters and Psycho Presents plus Gingerbread Men and Jack Frost too all in 15mm scale. Get a whole force for festive fun. Go HERE or read on for more information. With all of the codes, except for Jack Frost, you can purchase a pack or you can get a bumper pack with a saving.   The HOTT Army comes with all the miniatures and element bases you need as well.   This week we have 10% off all the codes as an early festive offer ending midnight GMT Sunday.  We will be expanding the range into 28mm at the end of this month but more on that at the time.

SN2017 Seasonal Fun Sampler
This collection code gives you one of every pose in the whole SN Xmas 15mm Range. The pack contains five SN01 Evil Snowmen in five poses, three SN02 Killer Xmas Trees in three poses, two SN03 Abominable Snow Monsters in two different poses plus a separate sprue of Christmas hats, SN04 Psycho Presents five poses, Brutal Gingerbread Men in four poses and lastly one Jack Frost.  Everything we have in 15mm scale. Unique and fun with a lot of uses from a festive themed army to a post apocalypse campaign, arctic warfare or even science fiction and more you can get into this range HERE.

SN06 Jack Frost
This code contains one 15mm scale white metal miniature. The legendary magical Jack Frost who is a suitable leader for your festive force.  Posed leaping into action pointing and holding his staff he is approx 30mm long and 20mm tall.

SN05 Brutal Gingerbread
This code contains four different 15mm scale white metal miniatures. Our rather vicious Gingerbread Men suitable for any festive themed scenario or army. Each of them stands about 9mm tall and poses are with sword, with spear and shield, with axe and lastly with blunderbuss. You can choose a pack or choose the Value Blister (Gingerbread Horde) where you get 20 Random Mixed Men with a 10% saving. 

HOTT1023 Xmas Army
This HOTT Army Pack contains an entire Christmas Army.  Miniatures taken from the SN Range and are 15mm scale and white metal. This Army Pack contains all needed element bases.

Magician General (Jack Frost) @ 4AP (1) (1 Festive Deity)(B1) 
Behemoth (Abominable Snowmen) @ 4AP (1) (2 Monsters)(B1) 
Shooters (Psyco Presents) @2AP (2) (6 Magic Presents) (D2) 
Lurkers (Xmas Trees) @1AP (2) (6 Killer Trees) (C2) 
Warbands (Gingerbread Men) @2AP (3) (12 Baked Warriors) (D3) 
Hordes (Snowmen) @1AP (4) (20 Frozen Water Fighters) (C4)  

See the whole range HERE on the website.

SN04 Psycho Presents
This code contains five different 15mm scale white metal miniatures. Our armed to the teeth animated wrapped presents suitable for any festive themed scenario or army. Each of them stands about 10mm tall and poses are pointing Sten Gun, holding Blunderbuss, Polearm, firing Sten Gun and Machine Pistol. You can choose a pack or choose the Value Blister (Psycho Present Sack) where you get 20 Random Mixed Presents with a 10% saving. 

SN03 Abominable Snow Monsters
This code contains two 15mm scale white metal miniatures in two poses. These are both one piece and come with a separate sprue of two Christmas Hats which may be mounted on the miniatures or left off. Abominable Snow Monsters approx 35mm tall these creatures are covered in fur and have sharp claws and even sharper teeth. Unique and fun with a lot of uses from a festive themed army to a post apocalypse campaign, arctic warfare or even science fiction and more these beasts will add some scare to your games. You can choose a pack or choose the Value Blister it code contains six 15mm scale white metal miniatures.

SN02 Killer Xmas Trees
This code contains five 15mm scale white metal miniatures in three poses. From one side these approx 22mm tall trees are nice and friendly with sparkly baubles and paper bands adorning them but turn them around and horror they are all teeth and doom! Unique and fun with a lot of uses from a festive themed army to a post apocalypse campaign and more these monsters will get your opponent's attention for sure. They go great with our Evil Snowmen. You can choose a pack or choose the Value Blister (Killer Xmas Tree Forest) where you get 10 Random Mixed Trees with a 10% saving. 

SN01 Evil Snowmen
This code contains five different 15mm scale white metal miniatures. Our not so friendly snowmen suitable for any festive themed scenario or army. Each of them stands about 10mm tall and poses are hat with hatchet, top hat and candy cane, wool hat and rifle, saucepan and scarf, severed head and knife.You can choose a pack or choose the Value Blister (Evil Snowmen Horde) where you get 20 Random Mixed Snowmen with a 10% saving.   

We have some free scenarios for USEME 15mm science fiction featuring Snowmen, Trees and more. They are great fun. Go to the USEME page of our websiteand download Bundle One to get all of the festive scenarios or if you don't want to wait just click HERE for the zip file as a direct download from us.


Sunday, 4 November 2018

Article 15 The Mighty Trolka by Andy Jefcoate

In his last Flintloque hobby article for this year Andy continues his journey in the Witchlands and this time deploys the biggest regular troops on Valon the mighty Trolka.  Enjoy and if you missed any of the previous fourteen articles you can see them all on our blog by clicking on this TAG.  Last time Andy put Valonian Civilians into his game and before that there was the mistress of death Lady Wintermore.  If you would like to Begin in Flintloque visit out website HERE.

The Mighty Trolka!

The Alternative Armies Troll week drew my attention back to these guys, the Trolka of Skandavia. They are allies of the Ferach Empire, and are mainly found fighting in the Witchlands so are perfect for my games.

As the largest figures in the Flintloque and Slaughterloo ranges (they stand around 50mm high) they are hard to miss so had been on my radar for a while, but it made me decide that I needed a Trolka section.

In the past this would have been an expensive undertaking but not so now, thanks to most of the range being in resin. The castings are excellent with lovely detail and being resin you can store them without reinforcing your floor boards, and transport them without needing the muscles of Arnie!

What is available?
There is an excellent range of Trolka figures available including Line Infantry, Light Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery. There is also an imposing metal General figure standing 60mm high! They are supported by the slightly smaller Trolkin of Copendaz (standing a mere 30mm high!) but for this article I'll concentrate on the Trolka.

What did I get?
I purchased a section of 6 Trolka Line Infantry from pack 56550, consisting of an officer, a musician, a standard bearer and 3 troopers. I also bought an additional trooper to paint up as a zombie!

As the Trolka Cavalry ride huge Moose into battle I had to have one in my collection so bought the officer figure from pack 56570. He will eventually lead my section, with the line officer on foot coming into play if the Moose gets taken down or if a mounted figure doesn't fit the scenario.

How did I paint them?
There is a high level of detail on these figures but due to their size I found them to be relatively easy to paint. As always I like a bright colour scheme to stand out against the snow so I painted their jackets a light blue with yellow trim as suggested in the 'Death in the Snow' book.

The officer had to stand out so I reversed these colours for him in the same way that I did with the Ogre cavalry.

For the Zombie Trolka I painted him in a similar way to my regular Savant Zombies, so his uniform jacket was done in a dark green with red facings to show his allegiance to the Witchlands. I toyed with using him as a mortal Trolka who is rebelling against the Ferach Empire, but the chance to add a bit of muscle to my Savant Zombie section was too good to miss!

How I've used them in my games
While I haven't used the cavalry figure yet, the infantry have been very useful. Just one or two can be used to really strengthen any Ferach section and are great for beginners as they are easy to use, and fairly forgiving if you make a mistake. If you use points to build your sections they can be expensive (30 point basic cost for even a Raw figure) but with an unmodified steady rating of 6, with 6 wounds and starting at +5 in combat they can give the Witchlands player a very bad day.

The fact that they can carry a Skandavian Kannonderbuss is also useful as this is basically an artillery piece. At short ranges (under 15cm) this weapon fires at 60/18 when using Roundshotte or 80/10 when using Kannister. Not many creatures can stand up to that!

A Trolka section is great to try out, you will always be outnumbered but if you don't let your force get spread out and mobbed then it really is a force to be reckoned with. Especially if supported by a Vampyre such as Rosafiend as outlined in my narrative below.

As I mentioned earlier I also painted an additional Trolka as a Savant Zombie to even the odds a bit. I've used the stats of the Ogre Savant Zombie as advised on page 83 of the 'Death in the Snow' book. Despite being dead this Trolka still has an unmodified steady rating of 6, with 7 wounds and a basic modifier of +4 in combat.

The continuing narrative
The Emperor Mordred knows that the Dark Czar is seeking the traitor Rosafiend so that he can make an example of her as there are rumours that others of her kind are considering joining her. She therefore doesn't stay in one place for too long but she is currently with Saindoux, a situation that she created in order to take on and frustrate the efforts of her nemesis Lady Wintermore.

To insure her safety the Emperor has insisted that she take a Trolka bodyguard, and they have become fanatically loyal. While they would never all leave her undefended, some of their number have joined Saindoux's forces in battles with Witchlands troops. They have heard that Lady Wintermore has a Zombie Trolka and the thought of one of their brothers being used in this way has fired them up to oppose her whenever and wherever they can.

If she gets a chance Lady Rosafiend would also like to meet Lady Wintermore with teeth and claw, and the feeling is mutual!

What's next 
I hope that you've enjoyed reading about how I've brought the mighty Trolka into my games. I've now got fairly large forces for both sides in the Witchlands conflict so rather than creating new units I'm concentrating on individual characters and unusual figures to spice up my scenarios. I'll let you know about some soon, so until next time......

Thank you for reading.


Saturday, 3 November 2018

Harringtorc Parte the Second a continued Flintloque tale by Christian Cuello

Welcome to part the second in a short series of Flintloque fiction concerning the campaigning of Lieutenant Harringtorc of the Albion Army.  If you missed part one please read it first on our blog HERE.  Written by Christian Cuello we and he hope that you enjoy this story and we look forward to more to come which will also be published for free on our blog.  The artwork in this article was drawn by Valonian artist Edward Jackson.  If you are looking for a miniature to match Harringtorc then we suggest an officer on foot from the 54506 Orc Command set.  Enjoy and I know that I did! GBS

Parte the Second

A steady drizzle of rain pattered against the window.

Captain Gustave Coeur du Bouef squinted in the grey daylight that filtered into his office as he looked at the scrawled balance sheets that had been laid on his desk. His eyes carefully followed the lines on the impeccable handwriting, admiring every loop and curl as he became slowly drowsier. Of course, he understood none of it: numbers had never been his speciality and he was too old to learn now. That was best left to the legion of accountants, lawyers and bankers - in a word, bureaucrats - which appeared anywhere the army set foot.

The army may march on its stomach, but the road was padded with reams of paperwork. 

There were conventions, agreements, taxes, fees, royalties… and ever since he had settled into Vigore it seemed to have gotten worse. Every day he was asked to approve or ratify administrative documents, and today was no exception.

One particular glorified clerk commissioned to him, Hugo, peered smugly over the edge of the ledger he had produced.

Gustave looked back blankly.

The clerk seemed to expect some kind of acknowledgment, but received none. This only seemed to make him more eager, and Gustave more irritable. He coughed politely to clear his throat as he prepared for his moment of glory with a deep breath.

“In one word, Hugo”. Gustave interjected.

“Spies.” He responded, deflated.

Gustave looked at the sheet.

He looked back at Gaston.

And back at the sheet.

“But… how?” he gestured at the sheet incredulously.

“Some nights ago. The port master was caught with some shillings on a surprise inspection.” Hugo fumbled and spilt the coins on Gustave’s desk as he simultaneously tried to get his presentation underway. “This wouldn’t be unusual under normal circumstances, but it is a discrepancy nonetheless. I had a word to the Watch and we were able to get an account from some witnesses which lead us to believe that… one moment, I’ve prepared slides.”

“Mon Dieu… put them away. I’ll take your word for it. The question is: what do we do about it?” he asked, mostly to himself. 

Gustave levered himself out of the desk chair and turned to an open window, considering the city below as the mist gently cool his skin – a relief from the stuffy air of his room.

In reality, he was miles away.

He had been relegated to this office in a temporary arrangement during the early stages of the occupation of Vigore. This had been, at first, novel. Some reprieve from months on campaign. He knew he was no longer the strapping cavalryman of his younger days, and it seemed this was Commands polite way of saying so. Make no mistake, he was a soldier through and through, but the years had been, well… he looked down to where his waistcoat started to stretch across his belly.

“Spies, you say?”

“Oui, mon capitaine.”

He stroked his stubbly chin.

This could be the opportunity he was waiting for. But would he feed this up the line and wait for approval?

He skipped to a cupboard and swung the doors open.

“Hugo, get your things. Ready the horses. We’re leaving - you can tell me more on the way.”

“Do you mean the slides?” Gaston dropped the pieces of cardboard as a carbine flew at him. He caught it gingerly in a delicate, uncertain grip. 

Gustave adjusted his scabbarded blade, strapped on a bandoleer and holstered his pistols across his chest. He shouldered an additional musket and satchel and made his way out the door, pulling his dusty greatcoat off its hanger and disturbing the thin layer of dust that had settled on it.

He was going to catch a spy.


Steel clashed on steel, and the sound rang out through the ancient settlement. The duellers danced to the rhythm of a flurry of precise strikes, their skill with a blade quite remarkable to the untrained eye.

Harry knew he was starting to lag slightly, but could see no sign of his opponent feeling the same. 

A small dishevelled crowd watched, cheered, and exchanged coins as the swordsmen exchanged blows.

“Come on, ‘Arry!” yelled Rotter, perhaps a little too enthusiastically for Harry’s liking. In the space of a heartbeat he flicked his eyes across to see his chaperone in the thick of the crowd. He’d have to have a word about his gambling later… if he managed to get out of this alive.

He instantly regretted taking his eyes off his opponent, as he frantically defended himself - did this elf never tire? 

A badly calculated step backwards and he felt his heel slip on the wet ground.

He repelled a heavy blow, the clang reverberated through his bones. Somewhere between keeping his balance and fending for his life, he flicked his wrist and to his surprise grazed his assailant’s cheek.

It seemed to Harry that the crowd made a collective gasp as the roguish elf took a step back, startled.

“Papa!” screamed one of the crowd in a shrill cry.

Harry’s body seemed to react on its own to the sound of a loud thwang, his sword sweeping in a back-hand motion as he moved to intercept the bolt aimed squarely at his chest.

A spark.

A sting on his brow.

The world faded to darkness.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Armoured Goblins on the March to an expanded future!

“The Iron Guard are the foremost of the Goblins. In ranks they march and in formations they fight. Yes, in good order. Not like any Goblins you have ever heard of. These plate armoured Goblins have turned back the Dwarfs of the green stone mountains and given the Elves of the sun vale a bloody nose. Respect them.”

I would like to thank Benamon Tame and also Zac Martin in this article for their pictures of their own collections and the efforts they have both put into pushing classic miniatures into an expanded future.  Benamon provides with permission his Goblin Knights, Goblin Knight Command and Goblin Knight with Great Sword from his collection in a fetching copper and white paint scheme.  Zac Martin has been busy sculpting new poses for the original packs including a Chariot Crew and Bolt Thrower Crew.  This gives me a chance to round up some great pictures and links to blogs to read plus tell you about what is going to happen for the Armoured Goblins 28mm scale next.  Let us begin!

It begins many years ago at the tale end of the 1980's with the Temple of Death for Benamon Tame and his collection of the 'Temple Guard' when they were first released (long before my tenure at Alternative Armies when they were with another company but more on that soon).  His pride and joy they were misplaced when time passed and boxes packed and misplaced as such things go.  Discovering the now 'Armoured Goblin Knights' on our website HERE he rejoiced and re-created his collection.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you wish to read the whole original blog post you can find it on The Copper Oracle HERE.

The brand new FL2-06 Armoured Goblin with Great Sword was released this year compared to decades earlier for the other poses and this was down to Zac Martin.  I was approached by Zac and he told me of the history of these miniatures and his love of them.  He called them 'Doom Garde' and though I knew they had originated with Rieder Design in the 1980's and were now with Alternative Armies I had changed their purpose.  Too short now to be 28mm Humans they were now 28mm Armoured Goblins, giving them new life, and had been re-molded along with the rest of our OH series and DH series high fantasy codes and put on our website across 2015 to 2018.  We had added Dodo riding knights sculpted by Elton Waters before this and these got an update too.  Well over a hundred poses now all with pictures and in packs and singles sorted by racial type.  We discussed expanding the range and spoke on some ideas.  On his blog called Lead Mountain Window there are several posts about these Goblins and you can see them all linked up HERE.

You would be hard pushed to notice that there is an age between the original poses and the new ones and while this was not intentional it is worth noting as the unified design of the Armoured Knights gives little clue to their era.  Such fantasy gaming is as popular now as it was then.  Sword and Sorcery and mighty monsters to defeat!  

Thus far we have the following codes:

As we approach the end of 2018 there is a bright future ahead for the Armoured Goblins as they march into more campaigns, more battles against more foes.  Working with Zac we have more codes to come.  There is muted talk of an entire army in development but I do not want to get ahead of myself.  I can say that much like we twinned new crew with our existing Bolt Thrower and Chariot we will do the same with a Bombard!  We will be giving the Armoured Goblins more weapon options too with open hand poses able to carry sword, axe, pike, spear or anything else.  Also we plan ranged weapon versions of the infantry as sometimes you need to bring down distant quarry. At least four new packs. This will all be in 2019.

I am greatly enjoying this classic fantasy expansion and rejuvenation of the Armoured Goblins which are great for virtually any game system (they could even be chaotically minded Dwarves as have been pointed out) but I would like to hear your input too.  Are you liking what we have done and do you have any suggestions for further poses of these troops?  If you do then please comment or email me on and I will respond to you.

Next year will be a great year for Alternative Armies in many ways and after getting all the packs and characters of the Fantasy Warlord range back into world we are going to be doing more in the realms of High Fantasy when 2019 arrives. 

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Free Flintloque download for the Ghostly Bride and Happy Halloween

Until 5th November the brand new 28mm Ghostly Bride is free in all orders automatically; read all about that HERE.  A 4.00GBP gift from us for Halloween fun!

Now are you are fan of Flintloque? A player of Slaughterloo?  Then we have a grizzly treat for you. A free Uniformation article for the Ghostly Bride so that you might put here into those games as part of your Undead Army.  Excellent!

The Twisted Sisters!  The Ghostly Bride stands next to Madame Boniface.  We have a new free article for the bride and also a link to last years same type of article for madame in case you missed it.  You can use these miniatures for any game system but we do like to give you the scoop for the World of Valon.

55030 Ghostly Bride – Uniformation Article
A one page free file hosted by Alternative Armies which gives you some background as well as game statistics and special rules for this miniature in Flintloque and in Slaughterloo.  A great read which also has suggestions and a scenario seed too. CLICK HERE to download it from our website.  See the miniature HERE.

5005 Lady Wintermores Fangs
Download the entire twenty page booklet for this Flintloque box set from our website CLICK HERE.  Updated by the team at Orcs in the Webbe to 3rd edition rules it contains a story as well as three full scenarios and character profiles including one for Madame Boniface.  See the box set HERE and Madame Boniface on her own HERE.

Beginning in Flintloque
This page on our website begins your journey with the best Fantasy Napoleonic tabletop game in the world and it is where you will find all the codes used in the scenarios in the Dark Czar arc as well as scenics and free items such as the scenarios and video reviews of Escape from the Dark Czar and Death in the Snow by the Talking About Gaming independent channel.  There is also a page on our blog for those new to the game HERE.

Happy Halloween from Alternative Armies!


Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Rick Koeppen and over three hundred painted 15mm miniatures from Alternative Armies

Here at Alternative Armies we pride ourselves on our customer service, being friendly, excellent prices and providing great products to wargamers and roleplayers who use miniatures.  We send out many thousands of pro-painted miniatures from our ranges across the world every year.  Based for any game system, our own or any other, these miniatures are from our ranges and are all hand painted to a good tabletop standard here in Scotland.  On our website you can purchase any Flintloque or Slaughterloo code unpainted or painted and based.  You can purchase painted and based HOTT 24AP Armies too ready to use.  We will paint and base anything you see on our website.  Our price includes the miniature, its base, the painting, scenic basing effect and if you like matt or gloss sealing.  For a quote at excellent prices with free worldwide shipping on all orders over 80GBP just have a browse and then email us on with the codes you are interested in and we will come back to you.  We have a lot in stock and typically we turn orders around in two weeks if not. 

Give us a try on 6mm, 15mm, 28mm including infantry, cavalry, monsters, artillery and entire based up armies.

It is my pleasure to present these pictures from one of our customers of painted and based miniatures Mr Rick Koeppen.  With kind permission it allows us to show you the standard of work we provide.   In his own words:

“The last of the figures that I ordered for 'Of Blades & Arrows' arrived today! 300+ 15mm figures, buildings, walls, and more. Manufactured and painted by Alternative Armies located in Scotland. Their turnaround time was excellent, their packing was perfect (not a single damaged figure), their communication was fast, and the overall quality of their work compared to the price was unbelievable.”

The miniatures in Rick's pictures are from the following ranges:

HOB 15mm Buildings Range (Human Buildings)
HOT 15mm Fantasy Range (Monsters, Bats, Walls, Dungeon Scenics)
Tabletop 15mm Fantasy Range (Giants and more)

We have pages on our website which are home to our currently in stock pro-painted codes.  What you see is what you are purchasing and once purchased it is removed from the page, securely packaged and then sent out to you.  We have a 28mm Fantasy page, a Valon (Flintloque and Slaughterloo) page, a 15mm Scale page and a Mythical and Legend page.  Have a browse if you would like to try us out for your gaming table.

Thanks for Reading and our thanks to our customers and Mr Koeppen too.