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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Gingerbread House and Were Chicken Coup unique Flintloque scenics by Tony Harwood

Recently gaming memories from 2012 were brought back to the fore over on the Notables Yahoo Group where many fans of Flintloque reside. Back then I ran a gaming blog called 'Barking Irons' an off shoot from a short lived magazine (if you can find a copy of these you are in for a treat) which featured all manner of Alternative Armies content. Foremost in terms of scenics was the work of Tony Harwood who produced some amazing scratch build unique 28mm terrain for his own collection slotting right into the World of Valon. Tony has put two of these pieces back online on his own blog. The Gingerbread House and the Were Chicken Coup. Yes, you read correctly... 

I have furnished links to Tony's blog for both of these pieces as well as some other information from 2012 which you might find of interest. The linked articles are well worth a read if you like to craft your own 28mm scenery; plenty of pictures in progress. Thus far two books have been published by this talented fellow and both are worth seeking out. 

The Gingerbread House 
Around the time of the Salute wargame show in London in 2012 a Gingerbread House was created and featured in our 'Sharkes Gingerbread' participation game of Flintloque at the show. Go HERE to read the blog post with the whole tale of how it came about. 

You can get the free scenario from that day in Stack Three by clicking on the link to download the whole free folder. It features characters from 5109 Sharkes Chosen box set and also from VLE11 The Gingerbread Set. A great read and a full adventure with game statistics for lumber cake based monsters. 

The house itself is a wonderful creation full of details and with a feel of actually being made from candy. There are more in progress build images on the blog post to enjoy. Now for something a little different. 

The Were Chicken Coup 
Beware the were chickens of Beesdone. A piece made for a friend by Tony. Sadly a dear friend to us both who is no longer with us called Roger Willcox who is the fellow behind the creation of Uncle Rogipoos (see the website for this). Based on a story you can follow the path of it HERE but in essence a nightmare of poultry many clawed terror the Were Chickens are to be avoided. 

There is not as much information on this building but you can see more in progress photos over on Tony's blog. 

I hope you enjoyed this little time travel trip back to the different world of seven years ago. Fun and mad times they were. If any other articles come along which might be of interest be assured I will relay them to you all here. 

Thanks for Reading,


Friday, 11 January 2019

Two New Larger Sizes of Bases added at Alternative Armies

When you are a miniature it is a tough small world if you have nothing to stand on.  This is true for the smallest to the largest; from 6mm through 15mm and 28mm scale and beyond.  Alternative Armies offers a range of bases great for any game system in a variety of styles and types from metal to resin and also plastic too.  Great for fantasy gaming, science fiction and historical plus element bases for systems such as HOTT and Furioso.  We have added two new large sizes of resin base to the range.  See them all HERE or read on for more information.

We have taken 10% off the whole range of Bases (including the new ones) which we offer until 9am GMT Friday 18th January 2019.  This discount is on screen and you need do nothing but add to cart.  Other promotions will work alongside this offer and happy gaming!

59027 75mm Round Resin Base (3 per pack)
This pack contains three identical Resin Bases of 75mm Diameter and a 3mm Thickness. These bases join all of our other rounds (20mm, 30mm, 40mm) and are ideal for use with 15mm and 28mm scale miniatures and are used for monsters and large war machines and vehicles. You can choose from one pack or the option of three packs saving 10% on screen.  Go HERE.

59028 100mm Round Resin Base (2 per pack)
This pack contains two identical Resin Bases of 100mm Diameter and a 3mm Thickness. These bases join all of our other rounds (20mm, 30mm, 40mm) and are ideal for use with 15mm and 28mm scale miniatures and are used for the biggest monsters and largest war machines and vehicles. You can choose from one pack or the option of three packs saving 10% on screen.  Go HERE.

Our range of bases is expansive and allows you to base up on squares, rectangles, circles and element bases.  Here are the choices open to you at this moment.  Go HERE for the whole range.

59520 20mm Square Resin Bases (40 per pack)
59021 25mm Square Resin Bases (35 per pack)
59022 30mm Square Resin Bases (20 per pack)
59023 25mm by 50mm Rectangle Resin Bases (20 per pack)

59024 20mm Round Resin Bases (40 per pack)
59025 30mm Round Resin Bases (20 per pack)
59026 40mm Round Resin Bases (10 per pack)
59027 75mm Round Resin Bases (3 per pack)
59028 100mm Round Resin Bases (2 per pack)

HOTT Element Bases
A - 40mm by 60mm
B - 40mm by 40mm
C - 40mm by 30mm
D - 40mm by 20mm
E - 40mm by 15mm

FURB01 Furioso Bases 40mm by 20mm (8 per pack)
FURB02 Furioso Bases 40mm by 30mm (6 per pack)

SGFP32 Sengoku Monster Tokens (20 per pack)

LBA8 16mm Round Thin Metal Bases (various pack sizes)
LBA2 16mm Round Thick Metal Bases (various pack sizes)
59009 25mm Round Metal Bases (20 per pack)

95091 20mm Square Metal Bases (20 per pack)
59002 25mm Square Metal Bases (20 per pack)
59003 25mm by 50mm Rectangle Metal Bases (10 per pack)
59015 30mm Square Metal Bases (4 per pack)

LBA6 20mm Square Plastic Slot Bases (40 per pack)
LBA7 25mm Hexagon Plastic Slot Bases (30 per pack)

We have many rule systems and most are online as paid digital downloads as well as printed versions.  Digital Downloads are delivered immediately upon payment and are twenty percent cheaper than the same book in print.  See them all HERE.

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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Article 16 Crystal Elves in Flintloque part one

In his first Flintloque hobby article for this year Andy takes a new tack and looks into using Alternative Armies 28mm high fantasy miniatures in his games of Flintloque. Namely the Crystal Elves and one of their most favoured packs the Assassins.  Read on for part one of this adventure.  If you missed any of the previous fifteen articles you can see them all for free on the blog by clicking on this TAG.  A variety of adventures in Flintloque mainly set in the Witchlands.  If you would like to Begin in Flintloque visit our website HERE for Escape the Dark Czar and free content and videos.  Enjoy!  GBS

Using Crystal Elves in Flintloque 
Part 1 - It's a dirtyjob but someone has to do it

At the end of my last article I mentioned that I was looking for unusual figures to use in my scenarios.  While looking through the 28mm High Fantasy ranges on the Alternative Armies website, I had the idea of looking to see which Crystal Elf Empire figures would fit into my Flintloque sections either with or without conversion. Lets face it, the Crystal Elves were where it all began. 

Although there were several possibilities I was initially drawn to set CE22 the Elf Assassins as I could immediately think of plenty of scenario options. 

What is available and what did I get
There are five metal figures in this set that can be purchased together for 10GBP or individually for 2GBP. There is also the option to buy three packs at a 10% discount. All are great value as the castings are excellent. Miniature 01 is an Elf Assassin in cloak with Blade, 02 is a Female Elf Assassin with Knifes, 03 is a Masked Elf Assassin kneeling, 04 is an Elf Assassin plotting, and 05 is an Elf Assassin masked with Bow and Blade.

I have initially purchased models 01 and 05. Both are cloaked with their hoods up so look as though they are being furtive but this also fits in with the Witchlands and the severe cold. Both also have blades in their hands (or on their wrists) so are ready for action. I particularly liked the fact that model 05 has a bow so has a ranged weapon but one which is also a silent weapon, perfect for assassination!

I decided that both of these figures are great without conversion for my games, as if you need them to have other weapons in a particular scenario, especially pistols, then these could easily be hidden beneath their cloaks! However, if you wanted to do a conversion then figure 01 would be particularly good for this as the right hand could easily have a pistol or other single handed weapon such as a sword placed in it. Likewise figures 02 and 03 in the set also have hands away from their bodies and could be easily converted in a similar way. 

How did I paint the figures
I like the idea of assassins having individuality so they were painted differently but not flamboyantly as assassins wouldn't want to stand out! I think that their clothing should be functional and look that way. 

As my assassins were operating in the Witchlands their cloaks were painted white to blend with the snow,  but you could easily change this according to the terrain you are using them in, grey would be good for an urban setting or green within a forested or wilderness area. 

How have I used them in my games
I wanted there to be a clandestine organisation of hired killers who were beyond political allegiance and who will work for the highest bidder. No-one knows who they are or which races their members come from but for the right price then no-one is safe from the brothers and sisters of what is simply known as 'The Order'. One of my elf assassins is a Ferach Elf who has grown tired of the Ferach Empire, and the other is Dark Elf of Catalucia who lost his home, but both are now brothers of 'The Order'.

As I wanted the assassins to be key players in my games I've used them as Veteran Elves but you could make them legendary if using just one assassin. It also helps to give them multiple traits, so I usually give them 3 but there is no reason why they couldn't be given more! If you like the idea of them using knives, why not use them as knives of Exquisite Quality so that they still get a +2 modifier in combat. 

For the bow armed figure I've used the Othari rules for bows.  I particularly like the fact that there is no reload step so the bow can fire on each activation. This allows it to be fired twice per turn at different targets!

How do they fit in with my narrative
In my narrative Lady Lamia Wintermore has hired an assassin to remove Saindoux. Although a Vampyre is a superior killer she simply loves intrigue and enjoys the fact the it is an Elf that she has sent to kill an Elf. 

Saindoux's spies have told him what has happened so he has hired an assassin to help protect himself. Unfortunately they are assassins from the same order so where do their loyalties lie...

What's next 
I apologise that this article could be seen as darker than some of my others but as it deals with assassins I didn't have a lot of choice. I do like Flintloque games to have humour though so feel free to lighten things a bit. Rather than being good at what they do, your assassins could be especially bad and given negative traits, or they could have signed up for a job but not actually want to hurt anyone. 

I hope that you've enjoyed reading about my assassins and that I've inspired you to get some. As I've said before my favourite aspect of Flintloque is the scenarios you can create from the excellent and diverse range of figures available and these figures are great for that. In future articles I'll let you know about some of the other miniatures I've used in my games.

Thank you for reading.


Friday, 4 January 2019

Alternative Armies in 2019 a look ahead

It has been a whirlwind of a year for us and now that it is at an end we thought we would give you a little snapshot into what is going on at Alternative Armies and the plans we have for what we will be doing in 2019. Possible and Confirmed Projects. What can you look forward to roughly in the first half of the next annum? 

Perhaps things like En Garde for Valon (the follow up to classic The Duel game) and Hazabot for Science Fiction (can you clear an infested space station?). 

Confirmed is a follow up title for Sengoku, three more USEME books, a lot of 15mm and 28mm miniatures, expanded 6mm and more besides. 

Plus there is news on The Ion Age. A lot to read. 

Find out in full with the whole article which is over on Orcs in the Webbe.  Go HERE to read it and thanks everyone for your support. 

Gavin Syme (GBS)

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Snowballe Volley free Flintloque scenario eight for Escape the Dark Czar

It is my pleasure to present to all the players of Flintloque the eighth free scenario in the Escape the Dark Czar arc for download from our website or right here in this article.  It is a large play scenario using some play test rules for the game.  Can you bring down enough animated Snowmen to live until the next dawn?  Find out now!

Additionally 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar beginners set is now back in stock with a new print run!  Thank you for your emails of notice and pre-orders on the new stock; all messages have now been replied to by priority.

A week of this.  A week in direst hell.  A week split asunder trying to find a way back to the world of fragrant flowers and warm breezes.  At a tree so tall and so dead it could be seen for leagues in any direction the band had divided and sought out the solace of a road of a track or even a path which would point the way.  They had passed out the last of the horse and unicorn meat equally and agreed to meet once more under the claw like branches after seven nights.  A way had to be found by then or only to lady luck would the choice be given.  To pick incorrectly would mean no return to Armorica and an end here in the ice and snow.

Snowballe Volley – Flintloque Scenario
The eighth scenario for Escape the Dark Czar arc sees General Saindoux and his survivors team up again with Frantz Von Der Wagg and his Dogmen Line this time around Cryptmass.  Attacked by Snowmen in the service of the Dark Czar their only hope lays with volley fire and that the lightening storm raging overhead will favour them and not the enemy.  Will the survivors drive off the coal faced menace or fall to their vast numbers?  In this large scenario you will have two players but it can also be played solo.  It features play test rules for Flintloque which you can try out.  It makes use of the free article of rules for Snowmen for Flintloque and Slaughterloo link for this below. CLICK HERE to download the scenario from our website hosting.

This scenario builds upon the miniatures from the beginners set which has ten resin 28mm miniatures plus bases and the core rules booklet for a fantastic starter price HERE. It makes use of the Witchlands Dogmen Line which is a fantastic versatile set of metal miniatures which you can see HERE.  It does not feature Captain Preserovitch's troops this time but rather the unique and fun SN07 and SN08 Fantasy and Black Powder Snowmen which you can see HERE on the website.  If you have been playing the previous scenarios you will be all caught up but if not then you need the 'Beginning in Flintloque' page.

Beginning in Flintloque. This page on our website begins your journey with the best Fantasy Napoleonic tabletop game in the world and it is where you will find all the codes used in the scenarios in the arc as well as scenics and free items such as the scenarios and video reviews of Escape from the Dark Czar and Death in the Snow by the Talking About Gaming independent channel.  There is also a page on our blog for those new to the game HERE.

If you would like to download each of the previous scenarios in this loosely linked chain, as well as articles related, then you can do so on this very article from our web hosting by clicking on the titles:

(The first three scenarios are in the 5024 Booklet which you can get as a paid digital download)

Now not only is it 2019 but we will also have a brand new full unit release for Flintloque and Slaughterloo but more on that later in January.

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday, 18 December 2018

The Ferach Armee for Slaughterloo of Ajax Skyrm

As the year draws to an end I present one of two treats for players of Slaughterloo and Flintloque.  This time for Slaughterloo the mass battle game set in the World of Valon and the fantastic Ferach Armee of Mr Simon Hutchinson (known as Ajax Skyrm).  With his kind permission here is his account of this mighty 28mm force of more than 700 miniatures.  You can see the original article for this on his BLOG too.

The army of Emperor Mordred, the blue coated menace which has conquered all of Urop.  Beautifully painted and presented.  Click on each picture on the blog article to make it larger and read the account of it below.  You can see all of the miniatures HERE on our website and there are two divisional army packs for the Elves of Armorica giving a whole force for the game with a saving; see those HERE.  Thanks!  GBS

The Elves of Amorica

The leaders of the Ferach Empire, these fine soldiers form the core of all troops under their Tyrant Emperor Mordred.  Some of the fastest and most motivated troops of the Napoleonique Wars of Valon.

The Commander of all the Ferach Empire.  The Emperor Mordred.

Officers, both mounted and on foot ensure that the Emperors orders are carried out.

Best of the best the Velite Grenadiers de la Garde are the anvil upon which the Armorican Armee sits.  An excellent centre piece for your Elf forces.

There are hundreds of Regiments of Elf Line, Regt de Ligne, armed with Armorican Muskets.

Supporting the line troops there are the mean and tough Bog Orcs of the Guinalean Legion.   Armed with Armorican Muskets or captured Bessie Muskets and classed as Infantry.   They are led by Elvish Officers. The Bog Orcs of Guinalea live in a conquered homeland.  While most serve Kyng Gorge and Albion some flee and join the ranks of the Ferach organised Guinalean Legion with dream of an Elvish victory that will free Guinalea.  Tough and ruthless troops the Legion goes toe to toe with the Orcs of Albion in Catalucia.

Lacking the glamour of the Ligne and the professionalism of the Garde, Militia Regiments perform important roles non the less.

Elf Carabiniers.  Elite and veteran Elf skirmishers hardened from battle armed with Armorican Muskets and classed as Light Infantry.

Chasseurs are elite and can be classified as Guard troops.  They skirmish in front of many Elf Regiments.

Hundreds of Tiny Kingdoms and Comic Opera Baronies make up the conquered Confederation of Finklestein and Dwarves inhabit many of these small states along with Dogmen and Ogres.  Create your own army within the Confederation.

Commonly referred to as 'Confederation Dwarves' or 'Confederation Dogmen' or 'Hunvarian Ogres' these troops serve alongside Armorican Elves in Catalucia, the Witchlands and elsewhere. 

From the Confederation of Finklestein come huge Finklestein Guard Ogres forming the Old Guarde in Bearskins and armed with mighty Kannonderbuss. 

Artillerie is central to all the nations and client states of the Ferach Empire. The 2eme Garde Artillerie a'Cheval are veterans and almost unique in the Armorican Armee since they are Horse Artillery.  They take cannon to battle by pulling them with horses meaning they are very agile and feared.  An excellent centre piece for your Elf forces.

The L'Esprit du Garde are veteran Elvish heavy cavalry classed as Cuirassiers armed with straight bladed heavy swords.

The Grenadiers a Cheval du Perdue are know as 'The Lost Souls' veteran heavy cavalry in the Army of Armorica they are the constant foes of the Undead in the Witchlands. Heavy cavalry classed armed with straight bladed heavy swords.

Fighting on horseback the Corps Imperial des Dragoons are elite in every sense of the word. The scorge of the Witchlands and led by the veteran Gui de Carcharoth. These Elite Hunters of the enemies of the Empire will always be found in the thick of it.

The Field Hospital, an unfortunate necessity on the battlefields of Valon.

The Ferach Empire is truly a mighty war machine and even more so when other loyal states flock to the banners.

1 Ferach Elf Commander
7 Ferach Elf Officers
6 units of 20 Ferach Elf Line Infantry
4 units 20 of Ferach Elf Militia
1 Unit of 20 Bog Orc Line Infantry
1 Unit of 20 Ferach Elf Guard Infantry
1 Unit of 20 Ogre Old Guard Infantry
3 units of 12 Ferach Elf Light Infantry
6 Ferach Elf Line Artillery
2 Ferach Elf Horse Artillery
1 Ferach Guard Artillery
3 units of 10 Elf Cavalry
1 Ferach Elf Field Hospital
4 units of 24 Toad Militia
1 Unit of 20 Big Toad Guard

1 Dog Commander
4 Dog Officers
7 units of 20 Dog Line Infantry
2 units of 20 Dog Grenadiers
1 unit of 20 Dog Chasseurs
3 units of 12 Dog Light Infantry
4 units of 10 Dog Cavalry
4 Dog Line Artillery

718 figures not including Artillery, Crew, Limbers, Officers or Commanders.

After the game the miniatures are packed away in their trays and into these wooden carrying cases ready for next time we play Slaughterloo.