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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Further restored codes added to The Torture Chamber collection

We have now added the last of the originally released codes re-mastered into the Torture Chamber range.  This completes what was around in the early 1980's.  During our deep delve into returning this requested range for collectors and diorama makers we discovered and then confirmed a couple of further codes which were never released.  Yes, never released.  These are currently being re-mastered and will arrive later in 2020 effectively brand new! 

This time we present a pack code and two singles.  Go HERE or read on for more.  Please note adult themes in this range.

TOR16 The Burning Pit
This pack contains one metal fire pit with victim. Suitable for 28mm and 25mm uses this scenic pack contains two components these being the fire pit with its base and two upright spit holders and a near nude female victim tied to a long spit with turning handle. Easy to assemble. You can purchase a pack, or choose the the pit pieces on their own or the victim on spit on her own. Choose on screen.

TOR7B Slave Girl
This code is a single metal miniature which suits 28mm and 15mm scale uses. Laying on her back she is 27mm from foot to forehead.  Cloth bindings on her wrists and ankles her back is arched. This miniature is expanded out from the TOR15 Slave Girls and TOR7 Snake Pit codes.

TOR15Pt3 Dancing Girl
This code is a single metal miniature which suits 28mm and 15mm scale uses.  She stands 25mm to eye line.  A dancing girl for any setting dressed in a two piece costume. This miniature is expanded out from the TOR15 Harem codes.

These Torture Chamber codes are our last 28mm fantasy releases for this month.  The rest of July 2020 is all about 15mm Science Fiction and of course Flintloque too!

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Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Dwarf Runic Golem - 65mm tall Warmachine

"The Guild of Spellsmiths and the Guild of Blacksmiths do not often clank tankards of Beir but when they do great things happen. Imagine said Gumblebeard the greatest of the white wizards what we could do with an axe wielder as large as the common Troll but alas our magics will not take a physical form on the field of battle without intricate preparation. Such preparation is hard enough without some stinking Gobber trying to cave your skull in. Tamble 'Blowback' Rustmaker chief of the Guild of Blacksmiths replied to this impassioned speech without spilling a drop of golden hops. Such a huge warrior would be most welcome and we can hammer and smith our way to clothing him but there is no Dwarf in the realm so big to wear it... Sparkes or raw mind forging flew from them both and with a resounding clank of tankards they spoke in unison. Between us we can build it and bind it with magic runes. A golem will take to the field of battle. A Dwarf Runic Golem!"

Our popular big backup muscle for 28mm Fantasy Dwarf Armies is now re-mastered and back on the website with a wee offer.  A resin kit of five pieces with a small amount of pose choice the Golem stands at 65mm tall and comes with a 50mm square base included.  Other miniatures are shown for scale and not included.  See it HERE.

The Golem featured in the expansion 'Hammer and Forge' to Song of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games as part of their 28mm Fantasy Range of Dwarves and much more.

Monday, 6 July 2020

15mm Elephants for Blemye, Sassanid and Selucid return to Isarus range

After an absence of several years we are delighted to announce the return of three Elephants to three different 15mm armies in our Dark Age Isarus range.  They are re-mastered classic Tabletop Miniatures.  See the whole range HERE or read on for more. 

These largest of land animals can be found in each of their respective armies alongside infantry, cavalry, command and more.  The easiest way to find them among the fourteen different empires and peoples of the range is to click on the red 'Filter By' button (as you can see in the image below) and then select the army which interests you such as Byzantine or Vikings.  

Each elephant comes with either integral crew or a separate crew with howdah and weapons.  Great for any 15mm scale game system such as DBA and DBM.

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Friday, 3 July 2020

New Bases released 50mm square and 100mm rectangle

By request two new sizes of resin cartouche (rounded edges for easy lifting and placement into movement trays etc) bases added to the range.  Great for any game system in any scale you can see all of our bases in resin, metal and plastic HERE.  Read on for more information.

59029 50mm Square Bases (10 per pack resin)
59030 100mm Rectangle Bases (4 per pack resin)

These larger sized bases are great for mounting multiple 28mm or 15mm miniatures or a single larger monster or vehicle.  As with all of our bases you have the option of a single pack or select on screen three packs and save 10%.  Our bases are square, rectangle and circle as well as other more specialised shapes and uses such as flight stands and anti-gravity mounts.

Element Bases for HOTT
We have five types of cartouche style element bases for use with HOTT 2nd Edition or with any other element using wargame system. Produced in high quality grey tone resin these bases all have a 40mm frontage and varying depths. These correspond exactly to the sizes used in HOTT and to the basing table for different troop types in the game; those being Letter A to Letter E. Each pack is priced the same and contains a varying number of the same size base. You can make your selection by clicking on the drop down product menu. Details are below:

A - 15mm by 40mm Rectangle Element Base (10 per pack)
B - 20mm by 40mm Rectangle Element Base (8 per pack)
C - 30mm by 40mm Rectangle Element Base (6 per pack)
D - 40mm by 40mm Square Element Base (4 per pack)
E - 60mm by 40mm Rectangle Element Base (2 per pack)

These bases are also supplied with every one of our HOTT 24AP Armies for free in needed amounts.

IAF077 Troop Element Trays
These bases are made of resin and are 3mm thick each with a different number and size of circular recesses on their ground textured upper surfaces. Each recess is made to fit either a 20mm round base or a 30mm round base.  These are durable and rugged which makes them ideal for your troops to be mounted into on their own bases.  We offer the Troop Element Bases in different sizes which are listed here by sub-code, number of recesses with sizing and number per pack.

IAF077A TE Bases (2 Slot 20mm) (4 per pack) 
IAF077B TE Bases (3 Slot 20mm) (4 per pack) 
IAF077C TE Bases (4 Slot 20mm) (4 per pack)
IAF077D TE Bases (5 Slot 20mm) (4 per pack)
IAF077E TE Bases (8 Slot 20mm) (2 per pack) 
IAF077F TE Bases (10 Slot 20mm) (2 per pack)
IAF077G Portable Weapon (1 Slot 30mm, 2 Slots 20mm) (4 per pack) 
IAF077H Battlesuits and Bikes (3 Slot 30mm) (4 per pack)

See all of our bases and movement trays and element bases HERE on the website.

Thank you for your time.


Thursday, 2 July 2020

15mm Battlefield Wheels Pack released

Here at Alternative Armies we listen to our customers and we keep lists of requests.  We create the most requested each time new designs are discussed across 28mm and 15mm and all our game systems and ranges.  But sometimes a request just needs some leg work and it is our pleasure to present to you a new 15mm pack which you can have as a pack or as single pairs of wheels.  Go HERE for the our Battlefield Bits and Accessories range or read on for more.

FMS05 15mm Battlefield Wheels Pack
This pack contains 14 metal 15mm scale wheels in seven pairs of two. These are suitable for use with HOT and Altuos miniatures in any historical or fantasy setting. The types of wheels are (1) wooden spokes with iron rims, (2) small wooden spokes with iron rims, (3) very small solid wooden wheel, (4) solid wooden wheel, (5) large wooden wheel with iron banding, (6) wooden wheel with bat, (7) wooden wheel with ugly face. For an idea of scale wheel 1 is neck height on a 15mm Human and wheel 2 is waist height. This code can be bought as a pack or using the drop down menu you can select a pair of wheels for single purchase.

The Battlefield Bits range contains many useful codes such as 28mm wheels, dead animals, live animals, sprues of parts (pies, pistols, feathers, tankards, fruit and many more).  In 15mm scale there are modern tents (above), torn versions of them as well as blank dollies for miniature sculpting.  Go HERE for the range for a browse.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Fantasy Warlord range 15% off this month plus July News

July is here and the summer is underway.  Alternative Armies thanks its customers for their continued support and we hope that your hobby time has given you a lot of fun and relaxation.  We like to give a little something extra and this month it is an offer upon the entire 28mm scale classic Fantasy Warlord range. Go HERE or read on for details and news.

At the start of the 1990's the Fantasy Warlord range hit the shelves and we were delighted to bring it back to the world in 2017.  Great for any game system the range includes sixteen character miniatures of heroes, wizards, champions and more from Human, Orc, Goblin, Elf and Dwarf races.  There are ten packs of infantry all open handed to accept any weapon choosing from Humans, Orcs, Goblins, Dwarf and Elfs.  Adding to this are two codes of shields with many choices and five different weapon sets too.  Go HERE.

The offer of 15% off is on screen for every code and sub-code in the whole Fantasy Warlord range.  You just add to cart.  Any other discount code you have during checkout is still valid and the offer ends at 9am GMT 1st August 2020.

News from Alternative Armies for July 2020

While the Corvid 19 lock down is easing in the United Kingdom things are not as yet back to normal.  Our suspension of new and re-stock print titles and book releases is still in effect.  There are now nearly ten titles out of print which we will bring back once we are able. If you wish to be informed of when new and existing titles will appear please contact us on and we will let you know. 

This month we have re-mastered 15mm packs in the Isarus (three war elephants for the Blemye, the Selucid and Sassanids) and HOT range (Skeletons and other Undead) to show you.  There are two new sizes of bases being released suitable for large monsters or vehicles in fantasy and science fiction.  A new pack of wheels for 15mm historical and fantasy.  We have a release into the Torture Chamber range for collectors.  Two new scenic pieces for 15mm Science Fiction and a new 28mm Terrain piece adding to those ranges.  There is a brand new character pack for Flintloque following up on the 2nd Heavy Dragoons, along with a Uniformation article on him; plus a re-mastered and expanded version of the Hussars de Jeune as well.  We also have articles on painted Slaughterloo Divisions and a huge expansion to our offerings of pro-painted miniatures on the website.  Lots to look forward to and each will get its announcement.

Thanks for Reading,


Friday, 26 June 2020

Ten different 28mm Elf Duellists now at Alternative Armies

The new page for En Garde the game of duelling in the Crystal Empire of the Elves is here!  The game itself will be released later in 2020 but now we have put all of the classic now re-mastered Elf duellists onto the website.  Ten single miniatures and two packs with a saving.  Go HERE or read on for more.  Great for any fantasy setting.  Our last news and releases for June 2020.

Duelling in the Crystal Empire at the dusk of Wylde Magick and on the eve of the Elvish Civil War.  In a time just before Flintloque the Skirmish the Elves placed honour above all else.  Each regiment in the armee had its own heroes and they fought to first blood or even to the death.  

This collection of 28mm scale miniatures are all suitable for use in the En Garde game as well as other World of Valon titles as officers or personalities.  Packs and single miniatures for maximum choice.  All Elves shown in 25mm square bases.

CE25 Elf Garde Duellist Pack
The Garde are the new wave of regiments in the Crystal Empire who ally themselves to Crown Prince Mordred ahead of his mother the Empress Morgana.  They feud with the backwards looking Imperials and their regiments.  This code contains five different 28mm metal miniatures approx 28mm average height. Elf duellist with Sword, Elf duellist with Rapier, Elf Officer duellist attacking with Sword, Elf Officer duellist at guard with Sword and Elf Officer duellist lunging with Sword. These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.

CE26 Imperial Elf Duellist Pack
The Imperials are the heart of the Crystal Empire and their loyalty is to the Empress Morgana.  They feud with the new wave of Garde regiments and their officers who claim the Crown Prince Mordred as their paragon. This code contains five different 28mm metal miniatures approx 28mm average height. Elf Officer duellist in plate armour lunging with Sword, Elf duellist with twin Swords, Elf duellist attacking with Sword, Female Elf Officer duellist running with Two Handed Sword and Elf Officer duellist with Sword raised. These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. 

The Crystal Elf Empire range contains many suitable figures for duelling.  You can see the whole range HERE.  Among these the pack CE18 Crystal Elf Warriors is one of the finest for this.  Above are three figures from CE18 all ready to duel.

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