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Monday, 1 March 2021

Stricken Adventurer free in March and News at Alternative Armies

The year begins to thaw and spring is almost upon us here in Scotland soon will be the March to War event but before that we want to tell you about the miniature free in every order shipped this month and outline what will be happening during March at Alternative Armies.

Typically we choose our free item by rolling a dice choosing one from ten options but this time it was entirely down to customer requests.  Across the last four months the Stricken Adventurer has been asked for more than anything else ever for free inclusion in packages.  Well all this month that is what you will get!  You need do nothing but place an order which requires to be shipping anywhere in the world (no Digital Download orders only sorry!) of any size and we will automatically include this miniature.  As many orders as you want and ends 9am GMT 1st April 2021.

VNT29-02 Stricken Adventurer. "When you sign up with a party all you see are riches and glory in store.  Sadly not for all.  For some the adventure ends in a tunnel or cavern injured with something nasty gnawing at your leg."  One human in armour crying out in shock and pain while two small reptilian creatures are attacking him.  An ideal casualty or scenic marker in your collection.  One piece 28mm scale metal miniature supplied unpainted and without a base.  Go HERE.

You can use this miniature in any 28mm fantasy game perhaps in a Dungeon on in your adventures with DarkeStorme as part of a troubled warband.

51006 7th Command of the Garde expanded to five poses and remastered HERE. This month at Alternative Armies there is a lot to look forward to not least of which is twelve classic Flintloque packs returning to the website in new molds and with new inked images and a wee offer on them too. This will be after the Deserter Army of Obidiah continues its return with Obidiahs Cavalry and Obidiahs Gun sets being offered as single poses and value sets with a saving all with new pictures. There will even be another free game booklet online with Orcs in the Webbe for the characters in these two sets.  Sengoku will have a new pack as we welcome 'demon hunters'. Our Grey Alien forces in 15mm are approaching completion and their Human Thralls will be released. A new character miniature is coming in the 15mm SHM range as a result of a private commission. A new artillery crew of short hairy stature will be appearing for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Bradley Miniatures will follow up the excellent 6mm Devil Frog self propelled artillery and its 15mm version with another upscaled vehicle in 15mm scale. Asgard 25mm Science Fiction will see the legendary Szithks Warbirds some of the finest models, to me, of the 1980's come back to the world long awaited. 

Lastly our annual March to War Event will begin late on in March and run right through April.  We will announce that in full at the time and just before it as we do each year we will re-set out New Releases page. There are about one hundred and sixty products currently there; all we have done in the last year or so. Until 9am GMT 20th March 2021 there is a 10% Discount on EVERY product in the New Releases pages in celebration AND 10% Discount on everything in the 15mm Renaissance Range too as we released more than thirty new Landsknechts and Organ Gun which are only in that range in 2020-21.  Enjoy!

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Thursday, 25 February 2021

HOB1 Five 15mm Human Buildings new pictures

Everyone needs somewhere to live even if they are only in fifteen millimetres tall.  While our Ion Age Terrain range gives you buildings for alien planets it is to the HOB 15mm Buildings range we go for fantasy and historical settings from horse and musket back to medieval and imagi-nations.  These are also in our expanding 15mm Renaissance Range too.  Go HERE to see all the Human and Orc buildings.  Great for your table.

There are five different human buildings from the hovel of the lowest to the big house of the wealthy.  Single buildings or a value set of all five with a saving.  We have brand new pictures of these all painted and with 15mm miniatures for scale.  The scale miniatures are from the Medus medieval range.  Enjoy the pictures and if on our blog click them to make them larger.  These pictures are on the site too within the product page for each building along with dimensions.

HOB1A Small Hovel

HOB1B Big Hovel

HOB1C Small House

HOB1D Tall House

HOB1E Large House

This is our last news for the month of and we look forward to bringing a lot more tabletop fun to wargamers in March.  See you then!

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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Flintloque free Elf Flags plus in March remastered expanded Classic Packs

When a customer purchases painted miniatures for Flintloque or Slaughterloo from us we ask if they would like a flag mounted upon the standard bearers pole in units which have that choice.  Most line, grenadier and cavalry codes have a banner bearer and the Elves of Armorica are no different.  The sons of the Emperor Mordred are out to conquer all of Valon and their flags lead the way.  By fan request here are the flags we typically use in a format which you can see and also download to print.  Go HERE for the figures to which these flags relate.

If you would like more of these flags then by all means tell us which nations and armies.  Email to titled 'flags' and let us know.

Flags of the Armorican Elves (2021): This one page PDF is in a zip file alongside the same page as a hi-rez image.  Each flag is sized for a typical banner on Armorican Elf figures such as 51029 and 51041. Feel free to take this file apart and use it as you will.  Most of these flags are designed to be printed at most one inch square and typically less than that.  Easy to see on the gaming table.  Download by CLICKING HERE from our server.

One of the greatest things about Flintloque is that any miniature made for it at any time is still totally valid to play the game!

With most of Alternative Armies projects for new miniatures and books on hold until life returns to normal (though there are projects underway oh yes and these begin in April just you wait) a decision was taken to remaster many classic packs for Flintloque as a group.  While most of this work is mold replacement some of it is not.  Above for instance you can see two figures from 51006 7th Command of the Garde. Those very familiar with Flintloque will recognise Major Peere D'Kless the Ferach Spymaster with glasses.  But we have discovered another version of the figure without glasses.  While damaged in its origination mold it has been repaired by us and will be added to the pack!  So if Captain Sharke gets ahold of D'Kless he can choose to break his specs or not. Codes remastered include those of the 62nd Foot (54000,54007,54010) and Elves (51029,51041) plus Joccian and Guinalean Rebels and Willorc Brooke the unique officer from Flintloque Reloaded out of production since 2008.  All of these will appear in March on the website with pictures.  If you are keen for a full list contact us on and we will provide it.  Flintloque fans will see a lot of favourites once more and some not seen ever or for a long time too.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Japanese Peasants 15mm Sengoku range released

Sculpted by John Bell and now added to the now one hundred and sixty poses in the Sengoku range we have a pack and four single poses of Nōmin or Hyakushō which are great for the Monster Hunter rules or indeed any 15mm scale game system suitable themed.  Go HERE for the range.

The main role of peasants in Feudal Japan was to grow crops and engage in the work on making items. Rice was the most important food that almost all farmers produced. Peasants were categorized into different social levels. Nearly half of the rice grown by the farmers was taken to the local Diamyo. Craftsmen worked with metal and wood and played a vital role in making swords.  All peasants turned to the Samurai when threatened though they would take up arms (tools they owned) if the need arose.  When it comes to fighting Yokai..they would be fortunate indeed if a Monster Hunter came to their aid.

Go HERE for the pack of twelve miniatures mixed which is SGFP45 Japanese Peasants (you have a small saving in this pack) and here are the single codes which you can also see in the Sengoku range.

SGF157 Japanese Peasant with Hook

SGF158 Japanese Peasant with Hoe

SGF159 Japanese Female Peasant

SGF160 Japanese Humble Peasant 

We are in the midst of building up to 'Set VIII' in the range and there will be further releases in March with the entire set in April 2021.

If you are thinking where to begin with 15mm Japanese Fantasy then perhaps consider the SGFP1 Sengoku Set I (with a saving) for your core creatures and then SGFP33 Guild Hunters for five hunters.  From there go in any direction you choose in this the biggest array of 15mm Japanese Fantasy miniatures in the world.

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Monday, 22 February 2021

Advanced Laserburn back in print!

A new print run of the classic expansion to Laserburn is now with us and available on the website.  Go HERE for the Laserburn and Asgard 15mm range.

The book contains more material for Laserburn such as character development rules, robotics, firing expansions, aliens, androids and history. Also rules for alien races the Froogs, Szithks, Mrurz, Thulgs and Centalons.  It is A4 format and 54 pages.  Here is the contents page from the book (this image is on the book page of the site too full size).

Lots to read and bolts right onto the core book.

We have the entire classic line of miniatures and vehicles on the website brought back to the world.  There is also a great value starter set which has the core rule book plus figures all with a saving.  See it and all else HERE.

Lastly there are some great videos online about this range.  See our BLOG for them and enjoy!

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Thursday, 18 February 2021

Grey Aliens in Hostile World Armour 15mm released

“Grey Alien Soldiers clad in powered armour suits suitable for operating on hostile worlds be they natural or intelligent threats.  Being a short race a Grey climbs into the suit which extends its arms and legs giving greater height, speed and strength.  They carry more powerful weapons than a Grey could typically manage.”

We are delighted to announce the release of a new pack in to the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range which also grows the Grey Army now to seventeen different codes of infantry, disc riders, arachnid troops, portable weapons, grav platform, characters and flying saucers.  Hostile World Armour gets your almond eyed aliens up to face to face with Humans and other creatures and packs a punch.  Go HERE for the range or read on for more.

HOF158 Grey Alien Hostile World Armour: Five Miniatures in five different 15mm poses.  Grey Alien Soldiers clad in powered armour suits suitable for operating on hostile worlds.  Each miniature is approx 20mm tall. HW Armoured Grey with Heavy Energy Rifle lowered (A), HW Armoured Grey with Support Heavy Energy Rifle firing (B), HW Armoured Grey with Heavy Energy Rifle shouldered (C), HW Armoured Grey firing Heavy Energy Rifle (D) and HW Armoured Grey with helmet removed aiming heavy energy pistol (E). Choose from a pack of miniatures or select parts of the pack in any quantity.   Go HERE and see more pictures and scale shots.

There are more Greys to come before we call this expansion complete and you will see these in March and April 2021.  Above is a line up of a Grey Alien, a Disc Rider, a Dominator Sphere, a Grav Platform and a weapon toting Flying Saucer.  Your Greys can fight in any rules system such as HOF Fire-Team and against any foe you choose such as the massive array troops, vehicles, battlesuits and mecha of Security Force Alpha.

This is our last science fiction release this month and we expect Advanced Laserburn to be back in stock in a new print run next week!

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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

New Landsknecht Cavalry eight 15mm codes released

Alternative Armies expands our 15mm Renaissance range again with eight new codes. Following up on new artillery and gun crew last time we now add cavalry to our growing selection of Landsknechts (now over thirty poses).  Go HERE for the range or read on for more.  You will find most of the Early 16th Century on Page Two of the range as the range runs by time period with artillery and Ottoman Turkish at the end.  

Useful in Italian Campaigns as well as across Europe in the sixteenth century we hope you enjoy these historical releases which can also be used for fantasy if you prefer an 'imagi-campaign' or such. The above image shows some of the new cavalry in front of two of our 15mm buildings (HOB1A Small Hovel and HOB1B Big Hovel).

MRC75 Landsknecht Cav Command 16thC (2)

MRC77 Landsknecht Cavalry Sword 

MRC78 Landsknecht Cavalry Sword II

MRC79 Landsknecht Cavalry Crossbow 

MRC80 Landsknecht Cavalry Crossbow II

MRC81 Landsknecht Cavalry Arquebus

MRC82 Landsknecht Cavalry Arquebus II 

These riders are supplied with horse MRH02 but they will fit any horse in the range and as with all other cavalry you can purchase riders on their own too.

These riders will sit happily on the new MRH20 Barding Armoured Horse if you prefer to have your Landsknects a bit heavier on the table.

Perhaps your Landsknechts will act in guard of their own artillery.  MRX23 Organ Gun (above) which can go with any of the gun crews including MRX19 which has four Landsknecht gunners.

These are our 15mm scale historical releases for this month at Alternative Armies.

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