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Thursday, 23 March 2017

5003 Walls, Campfire, Boxes and Festoons in resin packs released!

At Alternative Armies we have two sets of scenic releases for Flintloque this month and these two packs are the first of them with the other code just before months end.  We are delighted to present the original 1990's 5003 Grapeshotte boxed set 28mm scenics now as re-mastered resin pieces in two new packs.  See them HERE or read on for more information.  Great for the World of Valon or any black powder or fantasy setting.

The release is two packs.  Here are the details of each of them.

5003A Stone Walls and Campfire
This 28mm scale resin scenic set is ideal for Flintloque or any black powder or fantasy setting.  The set contains a campfire with roaring logs (x1), a piece of wall with an open centre gateway (x2) and two different wall parts (x 2 of each).  Originally from the 5003 Grapeshotte boxed set and now converted to resin. Place these on your battlefield to create action and interest. You have the choice of purchasing single pieces or a pack or a mega set of walls.  6.00GBP per pack.  Go HERE.

5003B Festoons and Boxes
This 28mm scale resin scenic set is ideal for Flintloque or any black powder or fantasy setting.  The set contains a Wicker Basket Filled with Stones a Festoon (x4) and a small wooden box with attacked keg (x4) .  Originally from the 5003 Grapeshotte boxed set and now converted to resin. Place these on your battlefield to create action and interest. You have the choice of purchasing single pieces or a pack or a mega set of each.  6.00GBP per pack.  Go HERE.

The scale image is a cool character General de Brigade Hugo Saindoux (known as Hefty to us here) taken from our beginners box set for Flintloque namely 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar.  You can learn all about this super affordable way into Flintloque which has ten miniatures, bases, dice and a booklet plus the support materials for it on our website HERE.

We have a weekly deal on a random Flintloque / Slaughterloo code where for seven days, Monday to Monday, we take 25% off all options from single troopers to skirmish pack to full units and the pro-painted versions too.  We have had characters, blister packs, units and more thus far and this week it is 51501 Le Esprit du Garde Cavalry a core and favourite Elf formation.  Go HERE.

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

VNT34 Treasure Hoarder reclining Dragon released

We have a new release into the High Fantasy 28mm line, the VNT range where our Undead and Monsters live, in the form of a reclining Dragon which is great for 28mm Dungeon Crawl or even in 15mm as a titanic sized Dragon.  You can see it on our website HERE or read on for more information.  We have now re-released over one hundred of our 28mm high fantasy miniatures so please do have a browse.

“Golden coins slip and slide from great heaped piles and jewels tumble towards the stone flags of the floor as the beast settles itself once more.  Atop an amassed fortune made by Men and by Dwarves alike then stolen from their charred corpses the Dragon reclined.  Under it enough to make an adventurer rich beyond dreams but to try and take it would be almost certain death by fire and claw.  To the dungeon go and to the central chamber progress..but then taken in the gaze of the Treasure Hoarder you will die.”

VNT34 Treasure Hoarder Dragon
This code contains one resin multiple part monster in 28mm scale on integral base and treasure pile. Supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the drop down product menu.  Choose from a pack or three packs with a 10% saving applied. Assembly is required. Go HERE. Poses in this code are as follows:

VNT34-01: A greater Dragon laying on its back on top of a pile of treasure.

We have many packs to go with this Dragon in the Adventurers page of the website which are great for any setting.  We also have the rapidly expanding Ganesha Games range of Dwarves, Halflings, Possessed Dwarves, Hob Goblins and more.  Also check out our Daily Deal where every day a different fantasy pack is put up with a saving for twenty four hours.

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem and Destruction - Sulphur II is Coming!!

Here at Alternative Armies we are hugely delighted to announce that we will be taking over the manufacture and marketing of Sulphur, the post-apocalyptic battle game by Terragnosis. 

Over the past few months we have been working with the guys at Terragnosis to bring forward new miniatures and vehicles to the range and an updated and expanded rulebook - which will soon be available on our lovely new website! Check out the pics when you get a chance - these miniatures are exceedingly nice. If you like your apocalypse to be well armed and seriously well sculpted - this is the range for you!  Here are a few words from Terragnosis about the range and the game:

Sulphur is a set of sci-fi skirmish rules with its own extensive range of miniatures including infantry, vehicles and heroes. Sulphur has a distinctly post-apocalyptic feel to it which creates battles between rusty and improvised looking war wagons, ragged looking infantry squads, menacing heroes and satisfyingly impressive heavy weapons. The rules allow players to customise their war-wagons with their favourite weapons and equipment - and the vehicle miniatures themselves all come with a range of weapon options. 

Armies will be led by a number of heroes, characterful individual warriors with their own profile and special attacks. Infantry are divided into a number of categories such as Light Infantry, Assault Infantry, Warriors and Heavy Weapons. Each infantry squad has a particular function on the battlefield which if used correctly will improve their chances of success. Players need to learn how to use these troops to their best advantage as well as how to combine them with other squads in their force for maximum efficiency and effect. For instance, using light troops to identify targets, using heavy weapons to weaken and suppress the target and then sending in the warriors to finish the enemy off at close quarters. Sounds easy? Not so in practise! This means that it is not just a case of the dude with the biggest gun winning the day (although the game does have plenty of big guns!). The right troops have to be used at the right time in the right way. 

And beneath all of this the sinister threat from Sulphur, the insidious creeping mist and shadowy nightmares that lie within it - waiting to terrorise and devour even the bravest souls. It’s the apocalypse folks - and it’s going to get nasty! 

Don’t worry, the guys at Terragnosis are quite nice really, they just like making badass games. If you want to get involved in Sulphur come on over to our website and email us your interest. We will let you know when the range appears - we can’t wait! 

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Alternative Armies ceases its association with Alien Squad Leader 17th March 2017

On the seventeen of March 2017 Alternative Armies is ending its association with Alex Self the author of Alien Squad Leader. During the years in which we have represented Alien Squad Leader we have enjoyed a good relationship with the author but now both parties feel it is time to move on. From the 17th of this month we will no longer stock or sell the Alien Squad Leader book (now in an electronic format) and all pre-packed armies for the game. 

We wish Alex Self every success in the future with his projects. For any further information on the game system please go to the Alien Squad Leader groups on Yahoo and on Facebook

Our final spread of 100 Point ready to use Pro-Painted and Based ASQL Armies is on our Ebay store Plague Games at a great price. Check them out, first come first served. 

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Monday, 6 March 2017

HOT112 Titanic Cyclops for 15mm and 28mm scales released!

Now released a brand new monster good for 15mm and 28mm tabletop gaming in any fantasy system. HOT112 Titanic Cyclopes is a resin and white metal miniature sculpted by Keiran Billings and now on the Alternative Armies website in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range. Read on for more or click through to go to that range now. 

HOT112 Titanic Cyclopes 
This pack contains one grey tone resin and white metal titanic cyclopes supplied in three pieces. A resin body with head and two separate arms with a small degree of pose option. This monster stands 85mm tall to the top of its head and carries a great wooden club. Suitable for use with many different armies it suits many different fantasy races. Supplied unpainted and un-assembled and shown on a 40mm by 40mm base which is not included. The images on the web page show the figure, then all angles of the figure, then a 15mm scale shot with a Human, a 15mm scale shot with our Cockatrice, then a 15mm scale shot with our Giant Hydra and lastly a 28mm scale shot with a DH code Dwarf. Go HERE

Keiran is a new designer to Alternative Armies and his work will feature more with us later in 2017. Well done on your monster! 

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Friday, 3 March 2017

Axe and Brimstone Ganesha figure range released with free Halfling Cook!

The latest expansion to the Song of Blades and Heroes inspired range of 28mm miniatures by Ganesha Games is now online at Alternative Armies!  Fire and Brimstone adds thirty seven single miniatures and three new value packs to all the Dwarves, Hob Goblins, Fighting Fungi and Space Simians already there.  Halflings and Possessed Dwarves along with new Fighting Fungi and Dolmen rock warriors.  Go HERE or read on.  We are putting a free Halfling Cook worth 2.00GBP into all orders which possess one or more Ganesha miniatures (from their pages on our website) from now until Monday 6th of February 9am GMT; just add to cart as normal and we will put it in manually.

We are adding a free Halfing Cook (AAB006) miniature to every order containing one or more Ganesha miniature.  It is worth 2.00GBP and is our gift to you to celebrate the release of this great expansion to the line.  Go HERE and browse.

Here is a list of codes and contents for all the new miniatures from the recent Kickstarter.  This includes two which did not feature in the main in the Kickstarter and are now released generally. These are AAB013 Halfling Stilt Fighter and AAB023 High Priestess on Hell Disc.  Pictures below.

Axe and Brimstone Range Expansion
AAB001 Halfling Trapper 
AAB002 Halfling Militiaman I
AAB003 Halfling Militiaman II
AAB004 Panther Pelter Halfling Female
AAB005 Female Halfling Adventurer
AAB006 Halfling Cook
AAB007 Halfling Heroic Leader
AAB008 Female Halfling Archer
AAB009 Dwarf Demonslayer Halfling
AAB010 Mastiff with Halfling Rider 
FIFU035 Fungus Paladin – Halfling Ally
AAB011 Female Halfling Mage
AAB012 Female Halfing Thief
AAB013 Halfling Stilt Fighter

AAB014 Painblade Wielder Possessed Dwarf
AAB015 Hellchain Wielder Possessed Dwarf
AAB016 Assassin Dwarf
AAB017 Hellfire Fusilier Possessed Dwarf
AAB018 Vorpal Blade Possessed Dwarf Axeman
AAB019 Hellfire Caster Possessed Dwarf
AAB020 Champion Possessed Dwarf with Runesword
AAB021 Demon Hound
AAB022 Possessed Dwarf Axeman
AAB023 High Priestess on Hell Disc
FIFU036 Fungus Assassin – Possessed Dwarf Ally
AAB024 Dolmen Warrior – Possessed Dwarf Ally
AAB025 Dolmen Rock Thrower – Possessed Dwarf Ally

AAB026 Possessed Dwarf Set of Heads (6)
FIFU037 Fungus Gladiator

AABP01 Halflings of Elvenfell Warband - Save 10%
(AAB001,002,003,004,005,006,007,008,009,010,011,012,013 & FIFU035)

AABP02 Possessed Dwarf Warband - Save 10%
(AAB014,015,016,017,018,019,020,021,022,023,024,025 & FIFU036)

AABP03 Axe and Brimstone Mega Bundle with free Fungus Gladiator – Save 10% 
(AAB001 to AAB026 plus FIFU035,036 and FIFU037 free!)

Get yourself a group of Halfling or Dwarf adventurers for any game system or warbands giving a full force plus the ultimate collection with one of every new miniature getting you the whole show in one go.  Go HERE.

Here are some painted up pictures of the miniatures and some scenic shots too.

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Friday, 24 February 2017

Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy fourth wave singles and packs released!

Wave Four is now released! The Sengoku range of 15mm scale Japanese Fantasy sculpted by John Bell is the largest such range in the world.  It now has eighty plus single codes and packs as well as four complete wave sets and two HOTT 2nd Edition 24AP Armies supplied with all needed element bases.  

Great for Japan themed games or spicing up your 15mm fantasy or pulp or post-apocalyptic collections among many others.  As well as Male and Female warriors there are Male and Female Buddhist monks.  There are Goblins and Kappa was well as Tengu and Oni.  Sengoku has Ghosts, Snakes and Monsters plus centipede, snake and spider bodied warriors and monsters.  School Girls in Japanese uniforms, Goblin Cavalry, Plant Sprits and Ghosts. Now many Tanuki as well as Baku, Nekomata, Inugami, Nurikabe  and Demons. Go HERE for the range page where all the miniatures are.

We are proud to announce the release of the forth wave of Sengoku miniatures.  Here is a list of the new codes, singles, packs and set.  Go HERE.

SGFP19 The Sengoku Set IV
Twenty Two Japanese 15mm Fantasy Miniatures - The Full Sengoku IV Set! 31.00GBP
22 white metal and resin miniatures designed by John Bell suitable for use in any oriental themed 15mm scale game system or army.  This is a set containing one of every pose in the forth set of the range SGF60 through to SGF81.  Small amount of Assembly required. The pack offers a small saving off single purchases of those codes. Get one of everything!

SGFP20  Nue and Baku Pack (3)  10.00GBP
This pack contains three large 15mm miniatures taken from SGF60, SGF61 and SGF62.  The pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP21 Inugami Hounds Pack (6) 10.00GBP
This pack contains six Japanese 15mm mythological hounds in a mix of three different poses taken from SGF66, SGF67 and SGF68.  This pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP22 Nekomata Cats Pack (6)  10.00GBP
This pack contains six Japanese 15mm mythological felines in a mix of three different poses taken from SGF63, SGF64 and SGF65.  This pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP23 Creatures Spirits and Infants Pack (6)  5.50GBP
This pack contains six mixed 15mm Japanese mythic miniatures with at least one of each.  These are taken from SGF75 Nekomata Kitten, SGF76 Inugami Pup, SGF77 Greater Centipede Demon, SGF78 Tsurube Otoshi and SGF79 Wanyudo. This pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP24 Nurikabe Pack (6) 5.50GBP
This pack contains six mixed from two poses of 15mm Japanese spirits that manifest as friendly or hostile walls; an even mix of both types.  Taken from codes SGF80 and SGF81.  This pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP25 Tanuki Warriors (12)  5.50GBP
This pack contains twelve 15mm mythical raccoon warriors miniatures randomly taken from but including all of SGF70,71,72,73 and SGF74 plus the pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGF60 Nue                         4.00GBP
SGF61 Baku with Elephant Head   4.00GBP
SGF62 Baku with Lion Head 4.00GBP
SGF63 Nekomata running         2.00GBP
SGF64 Nekomata leaping         2.00GBP
SGF65 Nekomata kicking         2.00GBP
SGF66 Inugami leaping                 2.00GBP
SGF67 Inugami walking         2.00GBP
SGF68 Inugami standing         2.00GBP
SGF69 Tanuki loosing bow         0.50GBP
SGF70 Tanuki with Kusari gama         0.50GBP
SGF71 Tanuki with Kintama club         0.50GBP
SGF72 Tanuku pulling bow         0.50GBP
SGF73 Tanuki half armoured katana 0.50GBP
SGF74 Tanuki in hat with bow         0.50GBP
SGF75 Nekomata Kitten         0.75GBP
SGF76 Inugami Pup                 0.75GBP
SGF77 Greater Centipede Demon         1.50GBP
SGF78 Tsurube Otoshi                 1.00GBP
SGF79 Wanyudo                 1.00GBP
SGF80 Friendly Nurikabe         1.00GBP
SGF81 Hostile Nurikabe         1.00GBP

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