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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Orcs in the Webbe

OITW Homepage
Many people when they speak about Flintloque mention Orcs in the Hills.  A venerable and now deceased magazine that Alternative Armies used to promote and expand the game system back in the 1990's.  Though the magazine is gone one guy decided to make a little tweak to the name, calling it Orcs in the Webbe, and launched an online portal about his favourite black powder fantasy wargame.  

Craig Andrews, known as the Mad Welsh Wizard to some, is that fellow and his Orcs in the Webbe portal is now probably the biggest free resource for those who seek the lore of the game.  I have personally contributed a lot of content to OITW over the years and all of it is there to read.  Previous editions, extra rules, scenarios, uniformation articles, background, interviews, fiction and more to browse.  There is also a Flintloque Archive for the way back when and such joys as Tankard Tales too.

In short I will be referring to Orcs in the Webbe on this blog (calling it OITW for short) and also Craig so I just wanted you all to know what it was about.  You can spend quite literally hours or even days on OITW reading, printing out, playing and lurking about.  It is a fantastic resource.

This December OITW will be doing its annual Advent Calendar of a month of articles and content, one per day.  The biggest month of the year for OITW in my opinion and I will be making my own contributions as always.


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