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Friday, 14 March 2014

56131 Ludwig Von Barkhoven Released for Flintloque!

56131 Ludwig Von Barkhoven
Its been a quiet year so far for Flintloque in terms of releases but this is set to change over coming months but for now we have a new 28mm white metal character miniature for you to add to your collections.  He is pictured above and you may have heard of him!

Ludwig Von Barkhoven is a famous musical hound from the tiny comic opera barony of Bonnix. He is currently in Ostaria after a daring raid by Jagers of the Frei Corps on orders of the mad Emperor Klaffenhund stole him from the wooden palace of Baron Lobotoinz ruler of Bonnix. His music is known all over Urop and indeed while the piano's and violins play he often howls along in tune to his greatest works including 'Furry Eliss' and his nine 'Symphoundies'. There is a long running fued between Barkhoven and Motesbark over who is top musical Dog. The Ferach are keen to get him back but with the current war in the Witchlands and in Aegypt they have a lot on their plates without try this; they might make a Gross Fudge of it.

In Flintloque treat this miniature generically as an Experienced / Civilian who is unarmed. Alternative Armies has an official Barkhoven character profile as a free PDF when its ready*  This miniature is very useful for all Flintloque and Slaughterloo players (and those of a fantasy feel too) as a scenario objective or battle force token.

You can see the miniature here.  The price is 2.00GBP and as always you can also have the miniature pro-painted and based by our experienced team here in Scotland.  Select your option on the page.

We will be having more posts across the month or so about Barkhoven on the blog including his character profile and a look at how the designer of the miniature painted his own vision of Barkhoven.


*I am in the process of writing it and looking for input from the Notables Yahoo Group too.


  1. Hi Gavin,

    Our dear Ludwig is totally deaf, a new flaw, called Mut and Jeff, where he is continually answering Eh? or Vatt?

    He has an extreme hatred of Mordred after Mordred invaded Weinersnitchel on the day of the premier of his newest opera Fido - Barking Mad, where he will bark at the highest volume for hours when ever he is within 24inches of either a Ferach unit or a Ferach commander.

    Finally he has an imaginary friend called Bonio, who he natters or mumbles to on a continual basis, and wanders around the gaming table without a care in the world. It is said that Boio is a better composer than Ludwig, and wears dark glasses.


    1. Thanks Tony. There are half a dozen suggestions so far and they theme on the idea of deafness and chasing 'bitches' as they say. I like your Bonio reference 'you two' had that idea!

      We will see what else is said but you are in on the credits in the PDF.