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Monday 22 September 2014

Ferach Elf Dragoons Pre-Release Offers now online!

From today until Tuesday 7th October 2014 you can get 10% or 20% off your pre-release orders on the brilliant and brand new 51533 Ferach Elf Line Dragoons modular 28mm miniature kits for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  The most varied and convertible modular white metal miniatures Alternative Armies has ever made. Designed by Sam Croes.  Go HERE.

We have two tiers of offer.  A 10% pre-order tier and a 20% pre-order tier.  If you wish to get a pack of five, or ten or just one Dragoon you can save 10% off these but if you want Three Packs of five, or of ten or one then you can have 20% off it.  This applies to unpainted and also to assembled, painted and based options on each tier. Each tier is presented in its own product page on our website which is clearly marked.  Click on this LINK to go to them.  The prices are already changed and you can see the savings on the screen.

Here is what is in each code: 

51533 Ferach Elf Line Dragoons (5 Mounted Elf's).  
Officer, Standard Bearer, Musician, Sergeant and One Trooper all with horses. 
51533-U Ferach Elf Line Dragoons (10 Mounted Elf's).  
A unit code as per 51533 plus five more mixed Troopers all with horses. 
51533-T Ferach Elf Line Dragoon Trooper 
(1 Random Trooper with random horse kit).

The images show above a set of 51533 then a whole unit of 51533-U.  Below are the images of the white metal parts that make up the modular riders which will serve as a suggested guide and instruction.  If purchasing a set painted the savings are the same and you can request unit composition and uniform if you wish or we will supply the 18th Dragoons as shown in uniform and in good poses.


There really is a lot to this excellent new set of miniatures and its the first in a long line of Flintloque and Slaughterloo releases that are now ready and lined up.  Plus every order with or without 51533 painted or unpainted will automatically get a free resin 56563 Trolka Jager firing worth 5.00GBP in the package (painted and based worth 10.00GBP if you order is painted and based too!).  Excellent!

Lastly there have been several really good blog posts about the lead up to the release of this set of miniatures.  Each of them deals with a different aspect of the build up.  They are all well worth a read and contain a lot more information, images and fiction too.  Firstly the IDEA for the Dragoons, then the PARTS and options in assembly and lastly the FIRST LOOK at the officer and standard bearer from the set.

Don't miss out on this great offer.  There is more to come as well as over the next couple of weeks we present a modelling article, a four page insert and a scenario all about these superb Ferach Dragoons.

Thanks for Reading.


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