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Thursday 16 October 2014

55016 Lady Rosafiend released at Alternative Armies


As the Dwarf Mecartor gazed in fascination at the pictorial vista before him and the excited murmurs of the stunned Marshals began to reverberate around the ghostly hallway, the heavy aura of the palace appeared to suddenly dissipate.  Shadows retreated to the nethermost corners of the chamber, as through forced back by an unseen sun.  A strange perfume reminiscent of rose blossom permeated through the dank air and enraptured the group with its heady aroma.  For an almost imperceptible moment, Mordred’s senses were overpowered by the puissant fragrance.  As the over-whelming sensation swiftly relaxed its grip over the Elf’s faculties, he realised that another figure had joined them in the awakening hallway.

Moving gracefully across the now gleaming oaken floor panels towards the gathered Commanders of the invasion force was the shapely and enigmatic physique of an elegant and alluring woman.  Enveloped in a voluminous black dress, her niveous skin glowed in sharp contrast to the dark finery of the gown’s material.  A flowing mane of fiery red hair cascaded over her shoulders, softly caressing her back as she glided serenely to the astonished Marshals of Armorica.  Casting her captivating hazel gaze towards the Emperor himself, the mysterious beauty introduced herself as the Lady Rosafiend.  As her soft, delectable voice poured from her blood-red lips and swathed Mordred in its honeyed lustre, the haughty Elf knew that he had found his Empress.

Apologising for being unable to welcome the travellers earlier, Lady Rosafiend addressed her guests as if she had been expecting them, with her particular attentions being focused towards Mordred himself.  Beckoning the assemblage to follow her, she led them into one of the chambers they had passed through earlier.  Gesturing towards some velvet-upholstered chairs, she bade the Elves and their companions to be seated.  As yet, none had questioned her near-supernatural arrival in the gallery, and the congregated dignitaries of the Armorican Empire were too enraptured by her soothing tones and radiant aspect to ask even the simplest questions.

Anticipating their queries, Rosafiend enlightened them with an astonishing discourse made believable only by her hypnotic voice and sensuous mannerisms.  Vilnau had once been a magnificent and splendid City, and she had been its ruler.  Burgeoning with life, the self-sustained and vibrant metropolis grew in bounds, with its cyclopean spires clawing ever higher into the cold air, proclaiming her power throughout the territory under her exquisite dominion.  However, a rival had emerged from the colder climes of the deep Witchlands.  

Ingratiating herself to the Star Wraith Aleksander, Rosafiend’s female adversary had espied Vilnau and desired it for herself.  Considered second only to Moskova itself, Vilnau had become a model City for the competitive aristocratic families of the Witchlands, and Rosafiend’s jealous enemy resented the esteem Vilnau had brought the noble Lady. Rosafiend, skilled in the esoteric magical arts, believed she had nothing to fear from her young competitor, a Vampyre from the ancient house of Dracsul, one of the most powerful Vampyre families of the Witchlands. The Emperor noted that she had said Vampyres, so the legends were true.  He said not a word and let the fascinating and captivating lady continue.

However, the dark machinations of Vampyres had cut down the most unassailable rulers with their vociferous lies and callous manipulations, and Rosafiend found herself unable to prevent her calculating rival from spreading insidious rumours which soon permeated the court of the Star Wraith himself.  

Accused of growing opulent off the generosity of Aleksander, Rosafiend found her formidable position crumbling around her.  As the viperous Dracsul family awaited the day Vilnau would become theirs, Rosafiend desperately tried to avert disaster by travelling to the court of Aleksander to plead her case.  Receiving a cold reception at Moskova, she failed to persuade the Star Wraith that the black-hearted Dracsul witch had merely spun a web of lies to further her own nefarious plans, and was ordered back to Vilnau. When she arrived at her City, she was shocked to discover it devoid of all life.  It had been stripped of its populace, and now, she was utterly alone.... (From 5026 Flintloque 3rd Edition – Death in the Snow)

The time of the snows and the frozen lands approaches and as such we have a brand new Undead release for you all this month.  A superb single character miniature cast in white metal 28mm scale for use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo as well as many other game systems.  A female vampyre and the nemesis of Lamia Wintermore we present 55016 Lady Rosafiend.  The cause of the Emperor Mordred's fever dreams and now she can be yours too!

The seductive Lady Rosafiend is on special offer for the next month or so.  That's right she is half price!  1.00GBP rather than 2.00GBP per miniature.  You can also get this miniature pro-painted at the same saving by using the drop down menu on the product page.  Go HERE.

We will soon be putting up the Flintloque and Slaughterloo statistics for this character so that you can use her officially in your games.  Rosafiend is a powerful Vampyre who can affect the minds of Elves as well as the Undead.  A really ally for the Ferach in the frozen hell of the Witchlands.

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