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Wednesday 21 January 2015

First Look at 52518 Von Rotte Dwarf Artillery Crew

Welcome to the second in the 'first look' series of posts for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. As I said in the initial one of these postings the world now likes to see miniatures before release and thus I have promised to do it. This time it is the 'greens' the original sculpts of the next Von Rotte Legion code. Raw and without being painted or based with high resolution images so you can see them as they are and then upon release as they can be in our official uniforms for that unit in the games of Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Here we go! 

52518 Von Rotte Artillery Crew 
This is a set of 28mm white metal and resin miniatures full of characterful touches that form a small unit to man your field guns in battle. Meant for use with the Von Rotte Legion but equally at home with any other Finklestein Dwarf army. Six Dwarf gunners on foot along with two Pummilig limber pigs. A Gun Captain with his arm in a sling, foot atop a cannon ball and aiming a pistol. A sponger with sponge topped ram rod ready to clean out the cannon for reloading. A gunner with a trail spike to align the cannon before firing. With a length of lit slow fuse out stretched a Dwarf gunner who has his Tricorne under his arm. A gunner with water bucket and arm raised in defiance of the enemy and finally a Dwarf gunner struggling with a large shotte or shelle for the artillery piece. Two identical limber pigs are included and these are Pummilig Pigs of the same kind that are ridden but with the addition of limber harness and tack. 

This totals eight miniatures which is the full gun crew and that will work with all of our artillery pieces but its really meant for the 59520 Mortar which is the normal Legion artillery. This set has a place in a Dwarf players collection as he builds towards a full division. See the rest of the Von Rotte Legion HERE

We had a really good response to our first new legion code 52517 Von Rotte Command Set and as we said we will be releasing one new code per month until the whole Von Rotte Legion is complete and at the end a whole Divisional Army Pack (DAP) will be released also. So check back in a little more than two weeks for the release of the Artillery Crew as this will be on 11th February 2015. Go now or go then to pick yourself up a brilliant set of Napoleonique Dwarves created by our in house art, design and sculpting team headed by Sam Croes. 

Thanks for Reading. 


  1. The captain with the pistol looks great.


    1. Thanks Tony. Its my favourite from this code too. It was the first model sculpted of the whole new range.