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Wednesday 11 February 2015

Trolka of Skandavia released in Resin

As we announced a week ago and its now time the whole range of mighty Trolka of Skandavia have been re-mastered and now re-released in high quality resin. The Trolka of Skandavia are the biggest single piece miniatures in our huge 28mm scale Flintloque range standing an average 50mm tall and some 25mm across the belly. Big lads! Go HERE

The new price of each Trolka including a base is fifty percent less than it would have been as of this year remaining in white metal. So every Trolka will come with 30mm square resin cartouche base (or a 50mm by 25mm Cavalry base of the same type) and all of the infantry are resin with a few retaining white metal separate hands and weapons. The cavalry are mounted on a massive resin moose while the riders remain white metal. The gunners are all resin but the leather barrel cannon kit for them remains white metal. Here is a list of the codes and the unit boxes contain a further 10% saving: 

56550 Trolka Line (Resin and White Metal) (10) 45.00GBP 
56551 Trolka Officer with giant Hammer 5.00GBP 
56552 Trolka Musician with huge Horn 5.00GBP 
56553 Trolka Trooper armed with Kannonderbuss, marching 5.00GBP 
56554 Trolka Trooper armed with Kannonderbuss, firing 5.00GBP 
56555 Trolka Standard Bearer with flag pole 5.00GBP 

56560 Trolka Jagers (Resin and White Metal) (10) 45.00GBP 
56561 Trolka Officer armed with giant Hammer 5.00GBP 
56562 Trolka Musician with huge Horn 5.00GBP 
56563 Trolka Jager armed with Rifle, firing 5.00GBP 
56564 Trolka Jager armed with Rifle, kneeling 5.00GBP 
56565 Trolka Jager with Rifle, loading 5.00GBP 

56580 Trolka Artillery Crew with Cannon (5) 22.50GBP 
56581 Cannon Kit. One Trolka leather cannon kit. 5.00GBP 
56582 Trolka Artillery Officer pointing 5.00GBP 
56583 Trolka Gunner with quick match 5.00GBP 
56584 Trolka Gunner with rammer 5.00GBP 
56585 Trolka Gunner with cannon balls 5.00GBP 

56570 Trolka Moose Cavalry (5) 45.00GBP 
56571 Trolka Cavalry Officer armed with giant Axe riding Moose. 10.00GBP 
56572 Trolka Musician with huge Horn riding Moose. 10.00GBP 
56573 Trolka Trooper armed with a huge Sword riding Moose. 10.00GBP 

56586 Pear Kalm (Trolka Civilian) (Resin) 5.00GBP 

56700 Trolka Trellheim Division (Resin) 18% Saving 155.00GBP

You can find the Trolka alongside their smaller allied cousins the Trolkin on their page of the Alternative Armies website. Go HERE

There is also a link on that page to download a free booklet all about the Troll Lands with game rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Just click on it to download it from our Dropbox account as a PDF. 

Thanks for Reading. 


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