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Thursday 4 June 2015

Typhon Greek Myth Rules reviewed by Chris Walkley

There is an independent review of my Typhon Greek Myth skirmish level rule system for our Heroic Scale Miniatures over on Chris Walkley's blog.  You can read it HERE.  You can see the whole Typhon range including the book on our website HERE.

As a treat I have taken 10% off the book and starter set prices until further notice.  Its a great set of rules and I wrote it from the heart as a have a deep love of mythology and especially the myths of the ancient Greeks.  The pantheon of gods (ain't many more fun that only one!) warring amongst themselves and using Man as the ultimate playing pieces.  Hercules, Jason and the rest of the heroes with their Sacred Bands travelling and fighting monsters.  

Typhon was Alternative Armies best selling range for one year, overtaking Flintloque, and though it has been quiet for a couple of years we have plans for it in 2016.  If you want a fun game with a well researched background set against the use of really good large miniatures then Typhon is for you! But for now I will leave you to read the review written by Mr Walkley.

Thanks Chris for your honest review!


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