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Tuesday 3 November 2015

Resin Horses now in Albion Orc codes and 10% off all those codes including Divisions this month!

Following on from this summer and the resin versions of the Trolka and their huge Moose mounts and then the resin versions of the rhino mounted and limber beasts of the Hunvarian and K.G.L Ogres in the early autumn Alternative Armies has now turned the Horses of the Albion Orcs into resin.  Test castings of the four types of horse have come out very well as you can see.  The standard cavalry horse, the officers horse, the limber horse and the alternate limber horse.  Production spin molds for them are now on stream for the sixteen or so codes concerned.  The riders will remain white metal and aside from a slight change in pose (the tail) the horses remain the same except no longer white metal.  High quality spun cast resin instead.  

The codes are now back online and all of them are 10% off regular pricing until the end of November 2015! Flintloque packs, Slaughterloo Units and Divisional Army Packs too (yes that is 10% more off the discount in the DAP's). Unpainted and Pro-Painted and Based options as well.  Click on the links to go to that section or just HERE to go to our offers page.

54600 Albion Orc (DAP)
54602 62nd Foote Division (DAP)

5100 Royal Horse Artillery (Box Set)
5109 Sharkes Chosen (Box Set)
54504 Orc Hussars
54505 Orc Dragoons
54506 Orc Command
54508 Orc Artillery Crew
54513 Orc Life Guards
5100LT Orc Limber Team
5000A Duke of Wheeling-Turn
54024 Black Bob Crowfoot
54025 Major 45th Regiment
54026 Orc Exploring Officer

58600 Obidiahs Desterter Army (DAP)
5108 Obidiahs Cavalry (Box Set)

Lastly this message will be across all news and releases this month.  November is a big month and will be filled with many Fantasy and Flintloque releases and offers.  All orders this month will get a free VNT31-05 Liche Lord miniature automatically included read about this HERE.  At the end of this month we will be taking part in a Black Friday Weekend event with our sister sites and The Ion Age.  This will be a great offer and will be explained in greater detail nearer the end of November.  

Thanks for Reading.


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