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Tuesday 1 November 2016

Welcome to November 2016 at Alternative Armies

There is a lot going to happen in this new month at Alternative Armies with all of it building up to our awesome Black Friday Weekend Offer. This offer will run for four days and will be detailed a week before it starts. This will be after we have made all of our releases for the month. We hope you will check us out when the end of the month comes! For more at the moment read on now. 

All this month we have 15% off all the miniatures in and the pack of DH4 High Dwarfs which are great 28mm for any fantasy system from skirmish to battle to roleplay too. Go HERE for our main page. We also have a Daily Deal and a Weekly Flintloque Mega Deal which changes every Monday. This is proving very popular so check it out now. 

So what is going to be in the news and released in November 2016? New and re-mastered codes for Fintloque, High Fantasy and a new ruddy big Monster too. Here are the codes and news about each will occur in the next two weeks. No teasers...well just a couple. All of this in the next two weeks or so except for Kildane which will be later in the month. 

5030 Slaughterloo 2nd Edition Digital Download Book 
59521 Sedan Chair Kit 
59522 Sedan Chair with Dogmen Civilians 

VNT33 The Wyvern Kilane (with free Knight) 
FL11 Wizards Party (4) 
FL10 The Winter Knight (2) 
FL19 Guild Assassins (4) 

Yes a 'man portable' vehicle kit for Flintloque and Slaughterloo and it will come with rules for both freely published. Slaughterloo as a paid for digital download book. High Fantasy will get back the classic Wizards Party which is essential for any Human collection as well the awesome Winter Knight long awaited and the seldom seen Guild Assassins good for any 28mm system. 

First release news soon... 


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