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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

New Website look and Facebook Group for Alternative Armies

We are making changes at Alternative Armies which will be rolled out across the next month or so and we begin here. Alternative Armies has a new updated look to its website with better functionality and features. A platform for larger numbers of products and increased images and image size. This does not change the working of the site and the change is now completed so please feel free to come along and have a look. Go HERE

We also have some new logos as well and below is one of them. Ain't it lovely! Artwork by Sam Croes. 

Are you on Facebook? 

Alternative Armies and by extension and The Ion Age which are all part of the same company now have a new dedicated Facebook Group for gaming. A place for tabletop gamers to meet and discuss. To show off pictures and to ask questions. I am overseeing it myself and I would love to see you there. Just apply to join. Alternative Armies Tabletop Gamers. A friendly bunch.

There is already a lot to see there and if you like Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Patrol Angis, USEME, High Fantasy or anything else we do it will be of interest. 

Plus if you are interested in Flintloque please go along to our website to the Flintloque page to download a mega folder of nearly 100mb of free files for the game from a link on the page below the AA Folder image. Enjoy! 

More news and excitement soon! 

Thanks for Reading, 


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