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Wednesday 22 February 2017

BS020 Flintloque Guns sprue released at Alternative Armies

Following up on a conversation on the Notables Yahoo Group about which missing firelocks they would like to see for Flintloque to personalise their miniatures we are happy to present this new sprue of guns.  These are 28mm scale and are the twentieth release in our Bits and Sprues range on the website.  Alongside Tankards, Carrots, Pies, Fruit, Meat, Pistols, Wine Glasses and a lot more we now have four new black powder fantasy weapons.  Go HERE or read on for more.

BS020 Flintloque Guns
Four different white metal 28mm scale black powder guns taken from the Flintloque universe for customising your characters or adding scenic interest to your gaming table.  They are from left to right.  1. Ogre Kannonderbuss (Hunvaria and K.G.L), 2. Repeating Air Rifle (Ostaria), 3. Seven Barrel Volley Gun (Greate Britorcn) and 4. Dwarf Blunderbuss (Finklestein, Krautia, Von Rotte Legion).  You can purchase a sprue or single guns from it by selecting your option on the menu. 2.00GBP per sprue. Go HERE.

This is an excellent sprue of four weapons for players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  The Kannonderbuss is a staple weapon of all the Ogres in the game and has been requested many times so that it can be slung from the back of cavalry on their Rhinos or on the shoulder of command elements with drum or standard pole.  The Ostarian Repeating Air Rifle is an enigma in the game just as it was in real life.  Our design is based entirely upon the historical Girandoni pattern and as such it could be used with historical 28mm miniatures too.  It is lovely to see it in reality now as it has never been on any of our figures despite being in the universe since near the beginning.  What can be said of the Volley Gun that is not known.  Used by Sergeant Harpy the hulking best mate of Captain Sharke this gun shoots seven pistol sized balls and can devastate a group of enemies but it will destroy anyone too weak to fire it properly.  Dwarves have two standard firelocks on Valon. One of them is the MkII Musket (which is in our Armourers Pack) and the other is the Blunderbuss.  Now the Blunderbuss can be added to characters or diorama pieces.

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