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Thursday, 19 December 2019

Orcs in the Webbe 2019 Advent Calendar

Every year Craig the 'Mad Welsh Wizard' over at Orcs in the Webbe organises an ADVENT CALENDAR made up of articles given by contributors in celebration of Flintloque and other games which are like it and feature fantastic fantasy.  These articles are all online to read for free as well as a huge archive not only of previous years advents but also masses of non seasonal content for these games.  Scenarios, optional rules, stories and more.  Go along and have a browse.

Of course it would be remiss of me not to blow my own trumpet at this time of year.  I contributed two articles to this years advent calendar both for Flintloque and on different subjects.  Here are some details and if you are keen then please have a read.

Playing Solo Games of Doom Squad with your Flintloque Miniatures.
Doom Squad is a solo play set of rules for special forces covers 300 years of history including the Napoleonic Wars. I wonder if I can use my Flintloque miniatures with it?  Go HERE.

A special Flintloque Mini-Game. 
A small game in its own right using Flintloque rules or as part of a scenario for Flintloque we present 'Blayderunner'. Can your officers spot the Repents and retire them or will they be retired instead?  Go HERE.

Lastly you may have noticed the new pictures of the superb classic pack 54013 Dismounted Dragoons. This pack has been re-molded this month and is the tip of a project which will be happening in 2020. We hope you like the new pictures on its page and these Orcs are great for skirmishing or being part of a unit in mass battle too.  

Merry Christmas!


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