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Friday, 27 June 2014

Sam Croes paints up the excellent 28mm Asgard Barbarian range

BP13 Barbarian Warpack
BP13 rear view
I mentioned in the 'What is Darkhelm' blog post that we had begun the project with the re-release of the classic 25mm /28mm Asgard Barbarians range.  At the time we had only simple images of them as white metal castings but today I am happy to show you something that our lead designer Sam Croes did on his 'weekend off' a little while back.  Mr Croes is a long time admirer of the Barbarians and his results are now the images online for the figures. 

Here are the images in order of code both front and rear views and above the group shot of the value pack containing all twelve miniatures.  Let the view 'fest begin. Enjoy!

BP1 Sternbow
BP1 Rear View
BP2 Fire Daughter
BP2 RearView
BP3 Beasthelm
BP3 Rear View
BP4 The Reaver
BP4 Rear View
BP5 Mad Rollo
BP5 Rear View

BP6 Skegling
BP6 Rear View
BP7 Arflane the Archer
BP7 Rear View
BP8 Anrok Stormkin
BP8 Rear View
BP9 Skai Wolfbane
BP9 Rear View
BP10 Alaric Cleaver
BP10 Rear View
BP11 Karl Two Cuts
BP11 Rear View
BP12 Hax Ragged
BP12 Rear View
These are lovely miniatures and its hard to remember they are thirty or so years old as designs.  Each of them unique and a character to lead or follow your warriors into battle in any fantasy wargame system in their scale.

Thanks for Reading.


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