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Friday, 27 June 2014

Deals and Offers and our Paint Rack – June 2014

Our new website will feature Deals and Offers on a regular basis.  In fact its one of the most asked for things that we got as feedback at Alternative Armies when we asked our customers what they wanted to see.  Some codes will begin their lives in this section, some will remain for a while and others will end their run there.  We offer great value and service at all times so while we might have appeared to go a little mad on this offers page be assured we have not!  Here is a run down of the current offers for June and early July 2014:

SM8 Space Captain (50% off)
LEU02 Moldsk Guard (Limited Edition Unit)
LEU03 Princess Juliana (Limited Edition Unit)
59520 Mortar Set (20% off)
GRN00 Grinning Skull 24 Set (10% off)
SSP04 Beir and Bones (Shilling Starter Pack for Flintloque) (10% off)
51050 Dark Elf Inquisitor (10% off)
BS003 Tankards (Bits and Sprues) (50% off)
54519 50th Foote unit pro-paint on The Pack Rack
Alternative Armies also has a new feature called 'The Paint Rack' on the website.  We have hundreds of regular customers who come to us each year to buy the thousands of pro-painted miniatures from our ranges that we sell.  These are mainly in the Flintloque and Slaughterloo ranges and every one of those codes can be purchased painted and based for use on the website itself but we also paint other things.  These include High Fantasy, Erin Celtic Mythology and lots more besides.  Our paint rack page is new in that it shows you some of the items we have pro-painted and ready in stock and boxed up for immediate dispatch to customers.  More than that every product on the page shows you exactly what you get and has 10% off its normal price.  Stock is typically limited to one but sometimes more.  We have Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Fantasy Warlord and historical Normans at this moment.  Have a look at The Paint Rack.
Pro-Painted Norman Infantry
The 28mm historical Norman Infantry unit on our Paint Rack is a little different to those codes around it in that it is pro-painted but its not based.  We offer the customer a total choice of base sizes and options which is included in the price.  This means you can have us base your unit for any system in elements or single bases with grass, sand, snow effects.  Have a look.  This has proven popular already on our Ebay store.

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