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Monday, 28 July 2014

Dampf's modelling page: Finklestein Dwarf project complete!

Finklestein Dwarves
Congratulations to Tony Harwood on completing his July 2014 online build for his personal Flintloque collection.  I have been watching this online build since it kicked off at the start of the month.  Tony kept us all up to date on the Notables Yahoo Group of his progress and unveiled a surprise too right at the end of the process.  He created the section with his own ideas which is right at the heart of the Flintloque ethos. Their uniform...his old school blazer!

The little red 'surprise'
Tony is a big fan of the Dwarves of Flintloque and has his own Sauerkraut Wars setting as well. 

Getting started early July 2014
You can read all about the process across its four parts.  Beginning with Part One then Part Two moving on to Part Three and finally Part Four.

Excellent work!



  1. Thanks for the plug.

    The earlier Fink Regiment posts on the Notables was the inspiration for this regiment. That and my old school uniform. The little Red Dragon was also an idea pinched from The Notables (they do offer such great inspiration).

    Glad you liked it.

    I have a smaller section planned for August. If I have time I'll post details on The Notables next week.

    Thanks again.


    1. Well deserved Tony. Your projects are very inspiring and people love to read about what you do. Please do post details. Each time you finish I will feature it. GBS