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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Grinning Skull Miniatures now at Alternative Armies!

Grinning Skull Miniatures is a line of figures scupted by the talented Will Grundy.  This range was originally sited over on but with Alternative Armies new website coming online the decision was taken to place the range with us.   What is Grinning Skull and why did we move the range?

You can find Grinning Skull on its own range page at our website.   Will Grundy has an eye for the strange and he created a style all of his own.  This range brings that out.  Alongside aliens and wild animals he created a race of Mutant Pigmen called 'The Oggum'.  There are currently twenty four miniatures in the range with the majority being the Oggum.  Most miniatures are just a pound.

Oggum are packed full of hamed up character and appeal to wargamers who enjoy the fun side of the hobby.  See some examples below:

GRN02 Kize Soldier
GRN04 Oggum Pig Dog
GRN20 Oggum Light Infantry Medic
So why did we move Grinning Skull from our 15mm website to our 25mm / 28mm scale website at Alternative Armies?  We discovered that although wargamers were buying the Oggum for use in games of USEME and other 15mm systems there were many more wargamers using them in the larger scale.  Photos of games where Oggum were fighting 28mm scale sci-fi Dwarves and Humans came to us along with generous praise of getting these miniatures to market.  We bit the bullet as it were and moved the whole range.  Sure you can still put them in as big 15mm but now they are approx Dwarf sized 28mm.

The future is good for Grinning Skull with more designs coming both Oggum and not with the possibility of white metal and resin releases too.  Will Grundy has a lot of material written for a 'Hogs of War' style skirmish game so perhaps a book release will be in order too.  If you have questions then do contact us and when more information is ready we will bring it here on the blog.

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