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Thursday 23 April 2015

Entire 28mm Fantasy Dwarf range now released at Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies gives itself a deserved pat on the back today with the release of all the remaining classic high fantasy Dwarf codes in the DH Series. You can find all of these packs on our website in the Dwarfish Host page. These are beautiful white metal 25mm / 28mm miniatures now back in their re-mastered glory. If you are a fan of Oldhammer and 28mm skirmish or mass battle in the Fantasy wargaming genre then these are well worth your time for a look. We have a full army now. 

There is a week left until the end of our Spring Offer Month. Free Shipping on all orders over 10.00GBP in value and a free Goody Bag in every order worth 10% of the order value. These offers end on 1st May 2015. You can read full details on our Deals and Offers page. So now is an excellent time to expand your collection. 

You can select from packs of miniatures, or buy three packs and save 10%, or select single poses from packs for maximum choice. We have more than sixty miniatures in this collection including Dwarfs, Halflings, Gnomes, Monsters, Artillery. Here is a list of the codes which also includes the superb DHM01 Dwarf Multitude which gives you one of everything and a saving off list prices too:

DH01 Young Dwarfs (5 Dwarfs) 
DH02 Gnomish Legion - Gnomes (4 Gnomes) 
DH02 Gnomish Legion – Halflings (4 Halflings) 
DH03 Fnorr the Big Un (1 Monster) 
DH04 High Dwarfs (5 Dwarfs) 
DH05 Dwarf Polearms (5 Dwarfs) 
DH06 Dwarf Missile Troops (5 Dwarfs) 
DH07 Dwarf Cavern Fighters (5 Dwarfs) 
DH08 Dwarf Shield Wall (5 Dwarfs) 
DH09 Dwarf Adventurers (5 Dwarfs) 
DH10 Dwarf Siege Bombard (1 Artillery Piece and 2 Dwarfs) 
DH11 Dwarf Command (5 Dwarfs) 
DH12 Dwarf Knights (3 Dwarfs and 3 Pigs) 
DH13 Dwarf Beserkers (6 Dwarfs) 
DH14 Dwarf Blunderbusses (6 Dwarfs) 
DHM01 Dwarf Multitude 
(54 Dwarves, 1 Bombard Kit, 1 Knight on Pig, 4 Gnomes, 4 Halflings, 1 Fnorr) Contains packs DH01-DH14 and you save 10% off single pack purchase) 

These releases are made as part of our 'Project Darkhelm' commitment to bring the hundreds of awesome miniatures in our high fantasy range back into production. With the DH codes complete we will be moving onto the OH series of codes which covers Orcs, Goblins, Mountain Orcs and more. You can see what we have done here already at the Goblin and Orc Horde page. 

Thanks for Reading. 



  1. Dang, these look fantastic. Great sculpts, glad to see them back in production!

    1. Thanks Patrick. Its a lot of work but well worth it as it is bringing happiness to a lot of wargamers all over the world. Real classics.