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Friday, 10 April 2015

Von Rotte Legion Dwarf Division Released! Free Shipping and Save 18%!

Today is the day that hundreds of dedicated fans of Slaughterloo have been waiting for! Why? Well today marks the release of the fantastic DAP (Divisional Army Pack) for the brand new Von Rotte Legion. Some people might point out here that we have gone a bit mad too. 

If you order this DAP you will not only save 18% off purchase of the units in it separately but you will also get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and a GOODY BAG worth 10% of the order as well as part of our spring convention season offer. This is frankly superb value! Read on for full details: 

(In the mono image the numbers refer to: 1. Line Infantry, 2. Line Infantry, 3. Light Infantry, 4.  Hussars, 5. Cuirassiers, 6. Mounted General, 7. Infantry Casualties, 8. Pig Casualties, 9. Mortar Kit and 10. Artillery Crew)
52603 Von Rotte Legion DAP 
(166.00GBP Boxed and 420.00GBP Painted and Based in Box) 
A Dwarf Division from the states of the Confederation ready to fight for the Emperor Mordred. Players of Slaughterloo or those wishing to make a saving to get a big collection in one go will find excellence here. Go HERE.

Line Infantry: 
1 Unit of 20 Von Rotte Line includes Officer, Standard, Drummer (52514-U) 
1 Unit of 20 Von Rotte Line includes Officer, Standard, Drummer (52514-U) 

Light Infantry: 
1 Unit of 12 Von Rotte Light Grenadiers including Officer, Musician, Sergeant, Standard (52521-U) 

1 Unit of 10 Mounted Von Rotte Hussars includes Officer, Standard Bearer, Musician (52520-U) 
1 Unit of 10 Mounted Von Rotte Cuirassiers includes Officer, Standard Bearer, Musician (52519-U)

1 Unit of 6 Von Rotte Artillery Crew includes 2 Limber Pigs (52518) 
1 Mortar Set (59520) Extras: 1 Mounted Von Rotte General (52517) 
5 Von Rotte Dwarf Casualties (52015) 
4 Von Rotte Pig Casulalties (52016) 

Bases: 25 Cavalry Bases 63 Infantry Bases 
Please note percentage savings are approx the same for Painted and Based option. 

As I said you get free postage and 18% off with the division but also a goody bag worth about 17.00GBP as well of related miniatures. You can read about our offers month HERE. If you wish to see the rest of the Von Rotte Legion please go HERE. If you want to get a copy of Slaughterloo or read more about it go HERE

There is not a better time to get into the game than now really. We might even send you the brand new 54050 Valon Civilians in your goody bag. You can see them HERE

Our offers month ends on 1st May 2015. 

I am off now to lay down. My order for this division is already sent in! 

Thanks for reading, 



  1. The Legion looks very impressive.


    1. Thanks Tony. It is a lovely looking DAP on the table. Sadly no painted one as yet, we have too many orders to get it done just now but it will happen.


  2. Oh and the Valon Civilians pack arrived safely - they look fantastic.


    1. Thanks Christian will be pleased when he reads this. Enjoy them.