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Thursday 21 May 2015

Flintloque designer Christian Cello sets up to play...

This is a short blog post about a game of Flintloque that so nearly happened. Due to unforeseen circumstances designer Christian Cello and his opponent had to cease playing before they had even begun. However we are lucky enough to have three excellent images and a short account of the anticipated skirmish to show you here on the Alternative Armies blog. Christian is the fellow behind 56131 Ludwig Von Barkhoven and the great 54050 Valon Civilians pack of miniatures and while he is working on more sculpts right now he is also a firm fan of the great alternative fantasy skirmish game in the world Flintloque.  

8th of May, 1801 - forces of the Ferach Emperor Mordred face off against the defenders of the Free State of Schnöselberg in a border skirmish to capture the small town and its water supply. After several roll calls, cups of coffee, polishing of uniforms and going over their orders, the commanders realised it was almost tea time and promptly agreed to leave the battle for another day. They enjoyed a beef stew at the local inn, the Red Dragon.- Fritz Heulen, war correspondent. 

As the above image and short account show and tell you the battle did not take place. Boo Hiss! I am assured it will do but lets take a moment to look at that really nice gaming set up. Custom scratch built buildings and terrain features and a tightly focused playing area. In games of Flintloque that have only half a dozen or so miniatures per section per side you can play in just two square feet like this and have a really good time trading musket shots and sword duels. A copy of Death in the Snow along with all the roster sheets and dice complete the scene. I know I want to find out what would have happened next! So what of the two sections of miniatures? One of Dogmen and one of Ferach Elves. 

These are the defenders of the Free State of Schnöselberg a tiny dutchy somewhere in the Confederation of Finklestein area of Urop. The Confederation is a great place to create your own little kingdom as its an area of literally hundreds of comic opera dutchies and city states filled with Dogmen, Dwarves, Ogres and even some Burrovians and Todoroni. There is a lot about this region in the Beir & Bones book and a free PDF you can have by request from Alternative Armies by email. 

Christian's Dogman Section is kitted out in a fetching (fetch boy, fetch!) yellow, white and sky blue uniform and the miniatures are taken from several codes including Dog Jaers, Dog Grenadiers, Dog Line and Dog Command. You can see all of these codes on our website and we do offer a parts service if you want single miniatures from each code. Check them out HERE

The troops of the tyrant Ferach Emperor Mordred want to annex the Free State...why? Because its what the Elves do! Fast and well trained these High Elves are tough foes to overcome. Christian's Elf section is also composed of several different codes and makes a nice eclectic mix of infantry and also a high ranking officer and a master spy too. There are miniatures there from the original Deadloque classic set, from the original Flintloque classic set Voltiguers and a couple of small packs too as well as the favourite 51006 set. There is also a Bog Orc Drummer from the Guinalean Legion there to add some muscle. There are more than one hundred different Elves in the range and you can see them all HERE

I am hoping eventually for more pictures and a full report as I know you fellows out there love to see good stories, scenarios, fiction and miniatures in use. What will happen to the Free State of Schnöselberg? Time will tell. 

Thanks for Reading.



  1. Wooof! Unleash the...well you get the idea. Splendid. Fido shall show Johnny Elf what for when it gets down it.

    1. More like 'Who Let the Dogs Out!'. I am sure they will.


  2. Nice looking terrain. Any chance that we can have some more images?


    1. Very nice. I thought you would be interested in that aspect. I put up all the images there were but I shall ask for more pictures in that regard.