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Thursday 7 May 2015

Grinning Skull releasing over twenty new miniatures during May!

Will Grundy is a talented guy with just a touch of the 'green madness' that makes a truly unique sculptor of miniatures.  He is the fellow behind the designs of Grinning Skull a line of figures at Alternative Armies.  Currently there are twenty four miniatures in the Grinning Skull line but this is set to just about double during May 2015 with expansions to the Oggum, the Kize and new creatures and races too!  This is 28mm wargaming fun for many genres from science fiction to post apocalyptic and much more.  You can visit Grinning Skull HERE.

The Current Grinning Skull line of Miniatures in box set GRN00
Across May 2015 we will be releasing new miniatures sculpted by Will Grundy into the line.  Here is a list of the new codes and as you can see they are quite wide ranging and rather interesting too!  We are breaking up the releases to do the miniatures justice.  There was a lot of work put into their creation and we want to show them all off in turn.  Here they pictures yet!

The Kize are intelligent and vicious aliens always spoiling for a fight.  Their Delta Soldiers lead the charge and the Kirzor is to be feared for its rending claws.  With their worm like bodies and single glaring eye they have thick natural armour and stand about 24mm tall.
GRN26 Kize Delta I
GRN27 Kize Delta II
GRN28 Kize Delta Leader
GRN29 Kize Delta III
GRN30 Kize Kirzor Warrior
GRNP01 Kize Delta Squad (10)

The Oggra is the largest of the pig like Oggum.  An Ogre of great size and strength great for bringing the swill to the foe!
GRN34 Oggum Oggra (Pig Ogre)

Da, Da, Dum, De Dum! Technology and Oggum fused into a hybrid called the Oggborgs.  Creatures of evil design or intelligent creation?
GRN35 Oggbot
GRN36 Cyber Snipper Oggborg
GRN37 Powerpunch Oggborg
GRN38 Tracked Oggborg
GRN39 Bionic Eye Oggborg
GRNP03 Oggborg Squad (10)

You will be dead as a Dodo if you mess with the Chukk!  Hard beaks and hear heats these geezers ain't no Chickens!
GRN40 Chukk Doodah Trooper
GRN41 Chukk Trooper I
GRN42 Chukk Heavy Weapons Bazooka
GRN43 Chukk trooper II
GRNP04 Chukk Squad(10)

Gruff and mean the Baahl are fine soldiers acting as auxiliaries for those who will pay them. 
GRN44 Baahl Auxiliary Trooper I
GRN45 Baahl Auxiliary Trooper II
GRN46 Baahl Auxiliary Leader 
GRN47 Baahl Auxiliary Trooper III
GRNP05 Baahl Auxiliary Squad (10)

A monster of terrifying feathered visage and tearing beak...fear the mighty Clukkatrix.
GRN48 The Clukkatrix

Invading from beyond the stars and with the power of their alien brains and ray guns the Zargalians will probe and burn!
GRN31 Zargalian Invader I
GRN32 Zargalian Invader II
GRN33 Zargalian Invader III
GRNP02 Zargalian Invaders (5)

Following up on the first full set we will present GRN25 giving all of the above in one set with a saving.
GRN25 Grinning Skull Set 23

We will be beginning with the Kize codes on Friday of this week!

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  1. These are brilliant and the teasers even more so. Im partial to brains with rayguns and birdmen from space.

    1. Thanks and this means you will be one happy guy during May. Wait until you see these mad creations in their metal and resin reality.


    2. Excellent! Those Zargalians sound like they could potentially fit in rather nicely with my Alien Space Brain forces.

      The Chukk might fit in with my avians too:

      I will definitely be keeping an eye out :)