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Friday 25 September 2015

Flintloque in Pudigrochumsberg during the Bier Wars

With the release of the first codes in the brand new Pudigrochumsberg Army I wanted to let Flintloque and Slaughterloo players and fans in on what is going on here at Alternative Armies in the World of Valon.  For while the Von Rotte Legion and the Army of the ruined Dog Kingdom are both allies of the Ferach Empire and enemies of Ostaria..they were not always so.  Back before the formation of the Confederation of Finklestein and the Krautian League, before the Elves marched to victory across central Urop there was the time of the Unified Powers, the time of the Severed Ears War or to give it the name the Dwarves favour..the Bier Wars!

The Dwarven Beir Wars focused on cities such as Monich, Barlin and Cohol and was on the whole a conflict between a hundred tiny stattes of Dwarves but it did spill out to the Dutchy of Brewswick and involved the then thriving kingdom of Pudigrochumsberg.  Both these smaller lands bordering what became the Confederation of Finklestein and while Artur of Krautia came to blows with Brewswick over the theft of bier casks it was a personal feud between Frederick Von Ales the Baron Von Rotte and the king of Pudigrochumsberg.  King Bonio of the Dogmen was a firm friend of the Baron and even offered his troops barracking and rations within Pudigrochumsberg when the opportunity arose.  However over a fine meal at the royal palace in Saltzbark the king offended the Baron in a way that led to a short war between the two!

Saltzbark is the capital of Pudigrochumsberg and then it was a thriving city famed for many fine goods and among those most to the fore was the tailoring of fine clothes.  As a gift for his friend Frederick Von Ales the king had several suits of silk clothes made and then presented them in person at the palace during the evening feast.  Smiling the Baron opened the ribbons securing the package of clothes and then as his face changed from jovial enjoyment to anger the chatter at the tables quietened and eventually even the musicians stopped playing. A passing Dogman servant looked over the Dwarf's shoulder and giggled. Standing the Baron threw the opened package along the full length of the table scattering food and drink as well as candles and cutlery.  The bundle skidded to as halt on the plate of the king who sat in open mouthed amazement at the other end of the great table.  The Baron roared in anger that he was no prancing Elf, no popinjay and that silver buttons fashioned thus were fit only for a Todoroni.  King Bonio stood and lifting out the garments from the strewn package realised with horror that they were actually meant for the queen.  A dress in bright pink silk with black lace and silver buttons in the shape of wine goblets.  Before anything else could be said the Baron Von Rotte rose and strode out of the hall and in a clatter of chairs his officers also rose and followed him.  At the double doors the now scarlet faced Baron shouted over his shoulder that Bonio should prepare for war.  That by the end of the year he would make the king wear that very dress and throw him in to the pens of the Pummilig riding Pigs.  And so began the short and vicious Silage War.

The War of Silage was a minor part of the Bier Wars but it saw two small but professional armies go toe to toe and featured three major battles and dozens of skirmishes which set the soldiers of Pudigrochumsberg in good stead for the coming war against Ostaria and its murdering lunatic leader the Emperior Klaffenhund.

So playing out The War of Silage in Flintloque as part of the Dwarf Bier Wars.  It is the goal of the Baron Von Rotte to capture the city of Saltzbark and thereby King Bonio to make the king wear the pink dress and to throw him in the pig pen.  To that end a chain of scenarios can be assembled building towards this goal.  I hope to get at least some of these scenarios ready and published for free during the time that Alternative Armies is sculpting and releasing Pudigroan miniatures and of course all of the Von Rotte Legion is already released.

The images in this article are all taken from the early work for the first scenario in the chain currently titled 'Paddling with Pigs'.  This scenario sees a border incursion by Hussar light cavalry against an outpost of Line infantry with the aim of preventing the Dwarves from crossing the river until a rider dispatched to battalion can bring some Dogman cavalry forward to assist the Pudigroan.

These will be interesting scenarios as they are set before the current backdrop of the Beir & Bones book for Flintloque and are closer to the Ferach Revolutionary Wars than the Mordredian Wars. You can visit the Von Rotte Legion and Pudigroan Dogmen on our website. Input is most welcome by email and comment as always and I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

Thanks for Reading.



  1. Lovely! Looking forward to the scenario. Great fiction, figures and may I say, marvelous terrain as well. Woof!

    1. Thanks. Yes I really like the terrain and the miniatures too! :-)