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Thursday 8 October 2015

DH15 Dwarf Runic Golem pre-orders from 12th October with offers!

On the twelfth of this month Alternative Armies will add the DH15 Dwarf Runic Golem kit to its classic fantasy range in 28mm scale.  As you can see above its looking lovely and we will be making some pre-order offers with all orders containing one or more of DH15 shipping worldwide at the end of the promo period which will be Monday 26th October.  So what will you get and what are the offers?

The Dwarf Runic Golem stands about 65mm tall and will be supplied in five resin pieces and a 50mm square resin cartouche base.  Its release price will be 18.00GBP which is good value for a large creature / monster in a fantasy system but our pre-orders will offer you more!   Buy one and save 10% on the release price (16.20GBP).  Buy three save that 10% and get a pack of DH5 Dwarf Polearms (5 white metal miniatures) worth 8.00GBP with them for FREE! That's retail 62.00GBP for just 48.60GBP.  Lastly if you order a DHM01 Dwarf Multitude during this offer period it will not feature its usual 10% discount but will instead include the 18.00GBP Dwarf Runic Golem for FREE!  And this bundle will automatically have free worldwide shipping.  Excellent!

You can use this magic creation in any Dwarf army and its themed for classic Dwarfs.  With enough interest we will make a second golem and theme it more mechanically and of course there will be a release offer upon it too.

You can visit the Dwarfish Hosts page on our website HERE.

You can read more on this soon to come model kit on our blog with a CONCEPT article and a FIRST LOOK article with scale image.

Roll on Monday!

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