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Wednesday 28 October 2015

OH30 Goblin Knights on Dodos released

Every now and again you just smile at some miniatures and that is the case here.  The armoured Goblins riding on Dodo's were sculpted by Elton Waters in the early 2000's and are now back in production.  They are a modular set in that we have two poses of rider with open hands and the riders are supplied with sets of weapons to choose from meaning sword, lance, bow and more to choose from.  They go well with the other OH Goblin warrior packs. Go HERE for the Goblin and Orc Horde page.

“The Goblins have their iron guard which ride into the fray atop flightless birds.  Yes, birds.  Some might find mirth in this, some might even laugh at their squawking approach.  This would be a mistake for those though.  We have fought the iron guard and while our horses were faster on the hoof they were not as nimble as the birds of the Goblins.  We rode them down at the charge and then in the melee our horses flanks and bellies were slashed and gutted while our swords could not reach low enough to strike back.  Surely we hit our foes but the blades glanced from the crude iron helms and welded horns of the iron guard.  Only a dozen of us made it clear and back to the city walls.  So find mirth but when you sally forth upon the morrow I will not be coming with you.  I have already asked the captain for a change of billet to the barracks of the archers!”  

This code contains five riders in two different poses of arm out and arm crooked.  Five identical Dodos and two sprues of weapons giving a total of ten different weapons to arm your five Goblin knights.  These 25mm/ 28mm white metal miniatures are approx 26mm tall assembled.  Great quality, choice and value. These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the drop down product menu.  Choose from a pack, three packs with a 10% saving applied and single miniatures (single means either rider pose supplied with a set of weapons and a dodo).  Total choice!  Assembly is required. Go HERE. Poses in this code are as follows:

OH30-01: Goblin rider in plate armour arm out to the side.  Dodo and Set of Weapons.
OH30-02: Goblin rider in plate armour arm crooked.  Dodo and Set of Weapons.

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  1. YAY! i was wondering if these were coming back! --- i must admit to these being pretty high on my top 10 of favorite sculpts

    1. I think people will like them again. They did the first time round.