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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

OH31 Durzum Dwarf Killer giant troll offers now live!

“Oi!  Dat's my seat.  Gerr off it!  You fink you tough eh!  Gonna give me a smack is you?  Well dat's fine but I tells you what first.  You can ave dis seat if you beats my mate Durzum at arm wrestling.  Where is ee?  He is outside.  Barred from dis pub he is after da last time.  E' got a bit drunk an den well e sat on da roof.  Climbed up you say?  Err kinda.  Sat on it at any rate.  Any'ow if you wants dis seat you got to beat him.  He's outside now.  On u goes.  Tell im dat I sent ya.  Hold best take da seat wif mights need da extra height” - The last conversation between two Orcs at the notorious Three Legged Harpy pub.

Yes that Orc above is 28mm tall to his eye level....

Two weeks ago Alternative Armies published an article on the blog giving a first look at the idea, the sketches and parts of a brand new giant troll kit.  The time is now here and all of the release offers on OH31 Durzum Dwarf Killer are online. Every Giant Troll is at least 10% off its normal price, every Troll comes with a free Orc veteran warrior and there is a free shipping bundle too as well as a three Troll offer and the Runic Golem too.  All online until the end of the month when normal prices will be restored. You can see them HERE.  Read on for full information on the offers and lots of pictures too.  All orders shipping out as normal from today worldwide.  Get your orders in now!

OH31 Durzum Dwarf Killer
This code contains one high quality grey tone resin large monster kit in 28mm scale.  When built this giant troll stands just over 100mm tall.  Kit supplied on sprues with a total of six parts plus a 50mm square base and also a special Orc veteran warrior in cloak with sword worth 2.00GBP for free.  All pieces supplied are resin.  A great centre piece for your Orc or Goblin skirmish force or army.  Suitable for any fantasy wargame system.  Assembly required and supplied unpainted.

The Offers available until the end of June 2016 – Go HERE

OH31 Durzum Dwarf Killer Kit  22.50GBP
One giant troll resin kit supplied with a base and a free Orc veteran warrior worth 2.00GBP.  Save 10% off release price.  Total Value 27.00GBP

OH31 Durzum Dwarf Killer Kit Trio 63.75GBP
Three giant troll resin kits supplied with bases and three free Orc veteran warriors worth 6.00GBP.  Save 15% off release price.  Total Value 81.00GBP

Giant Troll and the Golem 38.25GBP
This special offer consists of one OH31 Durzum giant troll kit and one DH15 Dwarf Runic Golem kit and a free Orc veteran warrior worth 2.00GBP.  Save 15% off normal pricing.  Total Value 45.00GBP

OH31 Durzums, Chariots and the Trolls Big Bundle  91.20GBP
Free Shipping Worldwide on this offer! 
Three Giant Troll kits with three free Orc veteran warriors plus six smaller VNT9 Trolls from our fantasy range and two OH25 Orc Chariot kits too.  A fine centre for your Orc Army!  Save 20% off normal pricing and this bundle is automatically free shipping worldwide!  Total Value 114.00GBP

The Offers available until the end of June 2016 – Go HERE

Here are some scenic pictures of OH31 Durzum Dwarf Killer along with his accompanying Orc veteran warrior.  Each is explained and shows how this giant troll would look on your wargaming table when alongside your other 28mm scale miniatures such as Humans and Dwarves.

Above you can see Durzum surrounded by Barbarians.  All from the Classic Barbarians Range.

The Dwarfs take on the Giant Troll.  Figures from DH5 and DH9 in our Dwarven Hosts Range.

Durzum aims a swing of his tree club at the Dwarven Runic Golem.  See DH15 HERE.

Flanked by two lesser Trolls Durzum prepares for the attack of the Old English Dragon.

Enjoy the offers and thank you for your support!


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