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Monday 4 July 2016

New Deals and Offers for July 2016!

All of us at Alternative Armies are delighted to announce our Deals and Offers for July 2016 are now online. Go along to our offers page HERE to see them all and read on below for highlights from the page. These limited time offers are around until the end of the month when they will be taken down. They can be ordered any number of times and can be purchased in conjunction with any loyalty code you have or offer in your packages from us. If you are a wargamer who plays High Fantasy systems in 28mm, or a player of Flintloque and Slaughterloo or a collector of unique sets then we have something for you! 

KC1 Coblynau Lesser Goblins (11) 25% off the pack! 
"Lice? Ticks? Vermin? All these words can be used for the Coblynau for that is what they are. The least of the Goblinoid races and the most numerous too. Aye, each on its own is nothing to be feared for a Dwarf in mail, but together...together they are more. Together they can bring a warrior to his knees and then with little blades and sharp teeth end his life. In greater numbers, as a seething mass they can overtake an Ogre and strip it to merest bone and rags. But when they travel in hordes they are as a plague, as a river, that will subsume entire towns if not defeated or driven away with fire or magic. Those learned Men far off call them Lesser Goblins. Our own call them Coblynau. I? Well I call them what they are... bloody dangerous!" 

This code contains eleven different 25mm/28mm white metal miniatures approx 13mm-16mm average height. Great quality, great choice and great value too. Poses in this code are as follows: Five Different Lesser Goblins with Spears and Six Different Lesser Goblins with Swords. 

ORB Orc Rock Band Set 25% off the set! 
"The smell of smoke on the rancid air. The hum of power and the flash of lightening. Screams and chants. Be this battle and the sound of slaughter? No its Spinal Crack and their latest album at full volume. An Orc Rock band from the era before music shattered and collapsed into floppy hair and corporate sound bites. These hard rockers will give you bites for real! A 25mm scale collectors set brought back to life by Alternative Armies.” 

Not everything a wargamer wants has to do with putting troops onto the field. Sometimes something a little different, a bit special makes an appeal to a wargamers nature and says 'I speak to your soul' and the Orc Rock Band is just such a thing. Originally released by Tabletop Games in the early 1980's and now restored to glory. Excellent characters or a superb diorama or just for fun. White Metal except for the Stage which is cast in Resin. ORB0 Rock Band – Complete with Stage (Contains all the parts as per the image shown including the stage). 

5100 1st Royal Albion Horse Artillery Box 25% off! 
The 1st Royal Horse Artillery are veterans and almost unique in the Grand Alliance since they are Horse Artillery. They take cannon to battle by pulling them with horses meaning they are very agile and feared. An excellent centre piece for your Orc forces. This code is a Box Set - Orc Horse Artillery Battery containing eight Orcs, Four Resin Horses, Two Cannons a Limber and a short Painting Guide. Creates two entire cannons with crews and limber. Create your elite unit of Horse Artillery for use with Slaughterloo and Flintloque. 

54506 Orc Command Set 25% off! 
The Orc Command Set gives you officer on foot and mounted for all purposes. Use in all Albion sections and units. Six Miniatures – Pack (Officer Aggressive, Officer Cowardly, Officer Dastardly, Officer Heroic, Mounted Colonel, Mounted General). Resin Horses. 

For all these and more go HERE

Alternative Armies will have more news this month including a new Flintloque pack release and a new set of Historical releases too as well as further SHM 28mm Fantasy releases. This news will appear across the month with further information and images. 

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