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Wednesday 20 July 2016

Trolkin Civilians are Flintloque release for July 2016!

“In many places on Valon when the recruiter beats his drum and promises coin to young men if they will only take up arms and fight for their Kyng or Emperor the response is immediate as the mothers, wives and sisters of these lads cannot stop them.  But not so in the Troll lands for the ladies of Copendaz could bare knuckle box a horse to the ground with ease.  In fact the Emperor Mordred has considered forming regiments of these stony fleshed broads..but he has yet to find the courage to ask them!”

Welcome to our only release for Flintloque and Slaughterloo for July 2016. It is a new pack sculpted by Rob Alderman which gives you normal folk for your Trolkin forces in aid of the Tyrant Emperor Mordred.  A pack of four different Trolkin civilians, three female and one male.  These are excellent townsfolk or villagers for your scenarios and line up alongside our other civilian blister packs as well as the Trolkin soldiers for the games.  Go HERE for this month's release or read on for details.

57036 Trolkin Civilians
This pack contains four different 28mm scale high quality grey tone resin miniatures depicting Troll like humanoids which are a middle aged female with a barrel under her arm, a gentleman with top hat and walking stick, a young pregnant female with a broom and lastly a female Trolkin with a wooden club. Trolkin civilians are about 30mm tall and powerfully built. Excellent for use in scenarios or for the baggage train of the Trolkin and Trolka army.  Choose from a pack or a pro-painted and based pack ready for play.  8.00GBP.  Go HERE.

There is an entire army of the Trolls for use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo and you can see it HERE on our website.  Line Infantry, Light Infantry, Artillery as well as Cavalry and Command packs and units.  

Trolkin are roughly Human sized while Trolka are massive and the biggest soldiers on Valon. There is also a free PDF book download on the page giving statistics and more for the Troll lands.  Enjoy!

In the World of Valon range we have several other civilian and baggage train codes which provide male and female fantasy miniatures to populate your scenarios and either by taken prisoner by or rescued by your musket toting Orcs and Elves.  These include 54050 Valon Civilians, 51047 Elf Ladies, 58511 Burrovian Carrot Cart, 52017 Dwarf Camp Followers, 56131 Ludwig Von Barkhoven, 56041 Bella Joong Frow, 57018 Al-Hazrad Othari and 54502 Orc Camp Followers.

There will be another Flintloque release in August and remember to check out the current Deals and Offers page too before the month ends especially if you are an Albion Orc player who loves horse artillery.  This is our only Flintloque release this month.

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