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Friday 14 October 2016

51528 Grenadiers du Perdue Elf Cavalry released for Flintloque

Alternative Armies presents the first of two big releases for Flintloque and Slaughterloo for the month of October 2016.  Both are online now but today we focus upon the re-mastered and expanded in terms of its poses and now released 51528 Grenadiers a Cheval du Perdue 'Lost Souls' Elf Cavalry. A heavy horse mounted unit for use in the Army of Armorica in the Witchlands and elsewhere on Valon.  Go HERE or read on.

51528 Grenadiers a Cheval du Perdue 'Lost Souls' Elf Cavalry
The Cheval du Perdue are know as 'The Lost Souls' due to their deep feeling that they will never again see the flower fields of Armorica.  They are among the best cavalry which the Emperor Mordred can call upon and he has many times.   As a result their commander Colonel Aubrey Beauchene is a loyal soldier but a sorrowful one and refers to his troopers as the Lost Souls.  Always on the gallop to bring their long straight swords down upon the enemy they are seldom given even a days rest.  They are now deep in the Witchlands covering the vast straggling retreat from Moskova. Their constant foes are the clouds of Zombiski Cossacks and skeletal cuirassiers who seek to kill the trudging foot soldiers for whom the Lost Souls are the only shield.  Will they ever make it home...

These miniatures are 28mm scale white metal and are in the following poses. An officer armed with a High Elf Pistol, a musician with bugle, a standard bearer with eagle pole, a trooper with sword raised and a trooper with separate sword arm.  All are wearing grenadier guard uniform and bearskin and are supplied with an Elf Witchlands Horse in campaign dress.  You can choose from a skirmish pack of five cavalry with one of each pose, a unit of ten which contains five more mixed troopers and a trooper booster which has one random trooper. These options can also be selected as Pro-Painted and Based all using the drop down menu on the product page.  These miniatures are supplied with 25mm square resin cartouche bases.  Manufactured in Scotland.  Go HERE.

There are a huge number of free PDF files for Flintloque and Slaughterloo plus the rest of our game systems and while we can send you a list of them to choose from if you email us on and ask for them.

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Lastly our second Flintloque release will be featured later this month and is online now 51524 7th Chassuers de Mamaluk Elf Cavalry.  We will also have big news on the whole range of Flintloque books too.  If you follow or The Ion Age you might guess what that will be.

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