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Monday, 3 October 2016

October 2016 new 28mm pro-painted stock, daily Fantasy deals and weekly Flintloque mega deals!

Each month Alternative Armies cycles up its new releases through the month but also its new pro-painted stock and its daily deal on Fantasy miniatures as well as its mega deal weekly on a major Flintloque / Slaughterloo code too. This other news comes out across the month but right now we give you the information on the deals and pro-painted this month ending when the month cycles over. Go HERE for the website or read on for more. 

All this month we have 15% off our classic CA2 Halfing Walking Party on its pack, three packs and single poses too. Excellent for any 28mm wargame or RPG system with a fantasy setting. 

Alternative Armies is known for its large 28mm miniature ranges including Flintloque, High Fantasy, Erin plus now Ganesha Games and others but did you know that we produce many thousands of pro-painted to a high tabletop standard miniatures ready for immediate use from those ranges every year? Our team of talented ladies right here in Scotland take our miniatures and finish them for use right on your tabletop. For a price that is fantastic which includes everything; the miniature itself, its pro-painting, sealing and its base plus scenic basing effect. The majority of these high tabletop standard painted miniatures are destined for regular customers worldwide but we do have in stock singles, packs and units on dedicated pages of our website. Our ready to ship stock of pro-painted miniatures has been updated! 

We have a daily deal every day of the month and this changes at midnight GMT giving twenty four hours for you to get 20% off a pack or code from our ranges. The majority of these daily offers are from our extensive 28mm High Fantasy Range with some coming from our accessories or books range too. You can get something really neat for your collection and its well worth checking back each day to see what we have. Go HERE

Flintloque players and Slaughterloo players are our favourite guys and gals (or should that be Albion Orcs and Ferach Elves?) here at Alternative Armies and the World of Valon miniature range contains a thousand different 28mm miniatures across more than a dozen armies. If you are looking for a scoop we have something for you. Every week, changing at midnight each Sunday, we have a Flintloque Mega Deal which runs for seven days. 25% off a major code in the range such as line infantry, light infantry, artillery crews and cavalry. Fill out an existing force or begin a new one. Go HERE

We also have our Bundles and Events page where all of the best value bundles (10% to 20% off) are shown for all of our game systems. We ship worldwide free on all orders over 80.00GBP product value so some items on the page are free shipping! Go HERE

Thanks for reading and having a look at the thousands of miniatures and more on our website.  If you have a question do drop us an email on


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