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Friday, 14 April 2017

Salute Season is here! Free Shipping and Great Offers 28mm and 15mm until 24th April

It is that wonderful time of year again when the wargaming season really kicks off and all the conventions and shows get underway.  Alternative Armies now has its annual Salute Season Week Promotion in place and this is on until midnight GMT 24th April 2017.  While we will not be at the show in London we are running our promotion since, among other things, the bulk of our customers will not be there and they always get the treats regardless.  Cool!

As you know earlier this year Alternative Armies took 15mmcouk back into its own website so this means we now have a simply huge variety of products to offer you in 28mm, 15mm and 6mm scale across Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical and other genres.  Go HERE for our Events and Bundles page or HERE for the front page of the website.  Take your time and browse.

The promotion comes in two main forms which are firstly FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING automatically upon all orders of 15.00GBP or more product value from the website (not including digital downloads) just add to cart and we do the rest.  Secondly some great offers including 25% to 50% off some codes and 15% off a couple of ranges too.  A mega offer for Flintloque and Slaughterloo players and more.  A list follows with links so please click on what you like and follow it to our website.  Offers end midnight 24th April and you can place as many orders as you wish.  We will ship out orders almost every day during and after the promotion. we go read on for the offers!

Events and Bundles – Here you can find all of our bundles from across all our ranges each of which is at least 10% off and it includes whole armies for Ganesha Games Fantasy, entire Sengoku Sets, entire High Fantasy forces and more.

Flintloque and Slaughterloo – As well as the brand new 53512 Al-Garvey Goblin Legion miniatures and our 59523 Abandoned Beer Wagon we have a superb offer for you this time.  25% off the entire 52603 Von Rotte Legion divisional army pack.  25% off all the units and packs in it.  One of our best ever offers!

28mm High Fantasy and Ganesha Games Fantasy – We have 25% off VNT5 Demonic Tree which works in 28mm and 15mm scale as well as half price on a firm favourite dwarf DWM016 Dwarf with Battleaxe.

Loud Ninja Games – We have extra discount on the Ikwen Platoon pack giving a full force for 15mm rebels in your games.  We can also now show you a couple of shots from Eli Arndt who runs LNG of more Ikwen that he is sculpting right now which are due later in 2017!

HOT 15mm Fantasy – We have taken 25% off the great HOT37 Destroyer of Hope Grand Dragon kit which is an awesome monster for HOTT or any other 15mm scale army.

HOF 15mm Science Fiction – We have taken 25% off the HOF28A Charger Wheeled APC vehicle kit.  Get to battle in style!

Laserburn 15mm Science Fiction – Get 25% off the classic V101 Flit Car.  Now less than a pound a car!

Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy – John Bell the designer behind the world's largest mythic Japanese fantasy 15mm line is working on two entire new waves or releases but before that we have taken 25% off the SGFP03 Oni Pack.  Get some angry ogres!

Altuos 15mm Renaissance – The MR28 Landsknecht with 2H Sword code is half price!

Isarus 15mm Ancients and Dark Age – The BY4 Varangian Guard code is half price!

Brickdust 15mm Napoleonic – We have taken 15% off the entire French Army from Infantry to Cavalry, Artillery and Generals.

Potomac 15mm American Civil War and Ponywars Wild West – We have taken 15% off this entire range!

So as you can see there is a lot going on with offers across the thousands of miniatures we manufacture and sell from here in Scotland.  Plus free shipping on orders over 15.00GBP all until midnight GMT 24th April 2017.

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