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Monday, 24 April 2017

Thank You for Salute Season 2017

The spring promotional period as now ended at Alternative Armies and we want to thank all of you from all the world for your orders.  Tabletop Gamers are great guys and gals and we have responded to all the kind messages you have sent.  We have a couple of things to say at this time so here we go.

Due to the sheer volume of orders it will take us about five to seven days to catch up with the normal flow of dispatching.  If you wish to ask about your order just email us on and by all means chivy us along faster for you.

We will have more releases both new and classic coming your way in May.  Exact details to follow at the time but these will include include the following.  A new terrain piece for Flintloque which will go excellently with our Beer Wagon.  More 28mm fantasy with the leading edge of the excellent Crystal Elf (CE) range back in the world in new rubber.  Tabletop Miniatures feature with further codes in the Torture Chamber (TOR) range.  There is the also Sulphur Post Apocalyptic rules and resin miniatures.  We have a new HOF code coming follow on with more Security Force Alpha and lastly details of a new set of rules for 15mm Renaissance warfare. 

Lots going on and now back to the task at hand!

Thanks for Reading,


(The image above shows VNT20 Anti-Paladin 28mm and its smaller relative HOT104 Anti-Paladin in 15mm scale)

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