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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Psi Paladins and Techno Barbarians KS Pledges now shipping!

Alternative Armies is happy to announce that the pledges are now shipping worldwide for Ganesha Games Kickstarter supplement 'Psi Paladins and Techno Barbarians' for Mutants and Death Ray Guns.  All of them from us here in Scotland.

We will be releasing the new 28mm miniatures from this campaign into the Ganesha Games sci-fi page of the website, alongside the Space Simians and others, towards the end of this month.  It is likely we will make a nice weekend offer to go with it for those who missed the Kickstarter or those who want to get more of the figures.  Love those Combots!

PSY01 Psi Paladins (4)
PSY02 Techno Barbarians (3)
PSY03 Lord Phalag and Companions (3)
PSY04 Combots (4)

Above are the codes under which we will be releasing the miniatures for general sale.  You can have packs or choose poses from within the packs to tailor your forces to what you exactly wish.

Any questions about the Ganesha Games miniature range can be asked directly of us on  See the original campaign HERE.

The majority of miniatures for Ganesha Games 28mm are excellent High Fantasy ones which you can see in their glory HERE.

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  1. Well those are too cool for school. I like the not-Cowardly Lion! My wallet hurts already.