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Friday, 5 May 2017

The Ostarian Dogman army of Simon Hutchinson

This short article and its pictures are a treat for players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  The owner of this wonderful Dogman army in the pay of the Emperor Klaffenhund sent me these images last year and what with one thing and another it has taken me until now to show them off on our blog.  So without further ado  here is Simon Hutchinson's Ostarian Army.  

Every image is followed by a short account of it and all the pictures were taken during a game of Slaughterloo in Australia between Mr Hutchinson and Mr Ward with his Orcish and Grand Alliance army (who took the day by the thinnest of margins I am told).

Ostarian Line Infantry advance along the road
A battery of Ostarian field guns prepare to fire!

Cavalry clash at the crossroads!

Hussars lay about themselves against enemy Orcs and Dwarves

The view from the Grand Alliance side of the battle

Orcish Dragoons are thinned as the Dogmen Hussars push ahead

Lethal Volley!  This adds to the mighty of the artillery shooting

The two armies lined up before plat commences

I think you will agree that the miniatures look lovely as does the gaming table with its terrain.  I really like the buzz and feel of the battlefield and it is to the players credit.  At the moment the Dog Army as shown consists of the following units and officers.

Emperor Klaffenhund 
General Wagsalittle
General Woofington
General Barksalot
General Digsabit

These are taken from the following codes if you wish to have a look on the Alternative Armies website and of course if you want Slaughterloo the rules you can have them as a digital download HERE.  LE020 Emperor Klaffenhund and 56510 Dogman Command.

1 unit of 12 Frei Corps Von Chum
2 units of 12 Frei Corps
7 units of 20 Line
1 unit of 20 Chasseurs
2 units of 20 Grenadiers 
2 units of 10 Cuirassiers 
2 units of 10 Hussars
4 Artillery Pieces each with 6 Crew

This sizable fighting force's troops are from among these codes roughly in order of the army account. 56504 Frei Corps Von Chum, 56516 Dogman Jagers, 56506 Dogman Line, 56514 Dogman Chassuers, 56513 Dogmen Grenadiers, 56508 Dogman Cuirassiers, 56509 Dogman Hussars plus 56512 Dogman Artillery Crew.  The guns themselves are mixed from 59502 Ferach Artillery Set.

Simon is planning on adding to this army as well as expanding out his Witchlands Undead army and more Ferach Empire too.  Big battles are ahead!

I wish to thank him for sharing these excellent pictures and the account of his Ostarian Slaughterloo Dogman army.

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  1. Great.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Simon was most kind to give us there pictures and details to share. GBS

  2. This is quite superb, really good to see such a large Ostarian army, my favourite!!

    1. It really is. There are many excellent large Slaughterloo armies out there and I do like to see pictures and accounts of them to share. GBS