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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

TOR5 The Garrotte Chair added to the Torture Chamber range

As the winter draws near it is nice to be back in the dungeon next to the glowing coals and the roaring...pain..well fire. A classic code now returned to the Torture Chamber Collection at Alternative Armies. Suitable for 25mm or 28mm scale for any suffering system or diorama use you can get TOR5 The Garrotte Chair as a pack or parts of it just like all the other codes in the range. Go HERE or read on for more. 

Excellent for roleplay, dungeon crawl, dioramas and wargaming you can purchase the packs or parts of them if you just want some of the furniture or the people from them. Thus far we have the following. The Whipping Beam, The Cage, The Rack, The Branding Iron, The High Inquisitor on Throne, The Snake Pit (2017 version) as well as The Iron Maiden and The Wall. Now a chair no one wants to sit in! 

TOR5 The Garrotte Chair 
This is a seat you refuse if it is proffered. This pack contains the following pieces all in white metal. The Torturer in apron, the Victim in sitting position, the front and rear of the chair, the torture neck fittings and the winding wheel. This code requires some skill to assemble. This pack is 25mm scale and you can choose to purchase one pack or three packs with a saving or parts these being only the Chair with Victim or the Torturer only. 5.00GBP per pack. Go HERE

Below are pictures of the other codes in the range at this time. Go HERE.

We will have further TOR releases which are being readied now and we thank you for your support in bringing this range back to reality. 

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