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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Giant Skeleton of the Dead released and news for the Sengoku range

Now released into the Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy range a brand new big monster which is great for 15mm and 28mm uses both Japanese and other fantasy settings.  The Gashadokuro is a feared thing sculpted by John Bell and as well as its release we have some news for you on what else is coming for the Sengoku Range in 2019.  Go HERE for the range or read on for more information.

SGF136 Gashadokuro (Giant Skeleton of the Dishonoured Dead)
This pack contains one white metal monster of Japanese mythology which stands 50mm tall and can be used in most settings.  It is made of bones and features  many human skulls as the joints of its arms and legs.  Gashadokuro are spirits in the form of giant skeletons many times taller than an average person and said to be created from the amassed bones of people who died of starvation or in battle without being buried. They grab lone travellers and bite off their heads to drink their blood. A prime target for Monster Hunters! 

Supplied in one piece without a base (shown on a 40mm round base) and unpainted.  Other figures shown are for scale only and not supplied. Go HERE.

Some pictures of this huge monster taking on Takemito the Sumo with his party and also facing off with Sanada the Yokai Chaser who is also being attacked by three Oni!

The Gashadokuro is a fearsome monster indeed and it is part of the continuing expansion of the Sengoku range which is working towards doubling its size and another book to go alongside Sengoku Monster Hunter (Print or Digital Download).  There are many more releases coming; following up on the Guild Hunters and the Sengoku Buildings and Roadside Shrines.  More than thirty poses are now sculpted and molded including Kitsune, Sohei Monks, Snakemen, Demon Painters, Hermits, Watchmen plus Cavalry on Horses and Shogi player and a Palaquin set.  All sculpted by John Bell.  These will be released as singles as well as value packs and entire set packs from June onwards.

There is a follow up book coming which takes up where Sengoku Monster Hunter ended.  It is going to be called 'Rampage' and will be an expansion to Monster Hunter.  Written by Steve Danes it will feature more content for Monster Hunter and you will need the first book in order to use it.  Many more monsters will be detailed from the 15mm Sengoku range and new sets of encounters allowing for Soba Shops and much more.  There will be new Hunters in profiles and in Hunter types such as shape shifting Yokai and the dreaded Water Shadow Clan.  There will be a new Hunting Ground in the detailed form of Underworld; tunnels, caverns and the sinister Ghost Light too.  Lastly the core feature of the new book the expanded rules for Rampage!  More monsters in play and monsters hunting the hunters too.  Can you avoid them, can you beat them?  Six new scenarios will let you find out.  

At the time of this news article the manuscript for the book is complete and an artist has been taken on to create a new stunning piece of cover art in the same vein as before.  John Bell has provided internal artwork and photos are being taken of the miniatures to include in the pages.  It will be in print and as a digital download.  No confirmed release date just yet but it will be the summer of 2019. 

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  1. The new book sounds very promising, something to look forward to.

    1. Thank you for your comment. The book is coming on well and we expect to see the new cover art in a few weeks time. Final checks on the manuscript have been done. It should be a great read. GBS

  2. I can't wait to read it. Will you expand the campaign rules ? I mean with town events between battles (drunk fights at the tavern, bandits trying to rob the hunters ...), for a more RPG feeling.

    1. Thanks. The Rampage book is not an RPG title but adds more to the game world. Monsters, Hunters, extra rules and such. I would think that what you describe may be more of a third title take. GBS