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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Ogre Mercenary and Reluctant Brigands released

Alternative Armies presents its 28mm fantasy releases for the month of May 2019 in the form of some of the last of our classic range now re-molded and on the website.  We have an Ogre Mercenary and four different characters who make a living by robbery.  Great for any campaign and for dungeon crawl and roleplaying too.  Go HERE to our Adventurers and Wizards range or read on for more.

Coming in alongside our Wizards Party, Guild Assassins, Adventurer Packs, Wizards Progression and Halfing Walking Party among others these miniatures fit right in and could also be used in some Flintloque games too.

FL25 Ogre Mercenary
With a large axe on his shoulder the Ogre Mercenary is for hire to the highest payer of golden coins.  This 28mm scale white metal miniature is a single piece and stands 38mm tall.  Suitable for any game system and is supplied without a base (shown on a 30mm square base).  Any other miniatures shown are for scale purposes only.  Go HERE.

FL26 Reluctant Brigands
Hard times abound and when it is no longer possible to turn an honest coin with a days labour then those with mouths to feed or the desire turn to gaining coin in other ways.  This 28mm scale white metal pack contains four different miniatures.  Armed with a sword and carrying a small bag is the Sea Captain. Armed with a long bow is the Forester.  Sporting a thick beard and an axe is the Lumberjack. A Half Orc Thief armed with a crossbow. Choose from a pack or select single miniatures from this code.  Suitable for any game system these miniatures are not supplied with bases (shown on 25mm square bases).  Go HERE

Alternative Armies has a huge selection of excellent 28mm fantasy miniatures across several collections which you can check out.  We have something for everyone.

There is more news and further releases to come this month into our HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range, the Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy Range plus classic Torture Chamber sets re-released and a major Flintloque boxed set too.  Each of these will have their own news so make sure you do not miss out.  

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