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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Optional Advanced rules for Mortars in Slaughterloo a free article


By popular request we present a one page free play tested article for optional additional rules to use Mortars in your games of 5030 Slaughterloo mass battle. These do not replace the 'treat them as you would howitzers' standard rules in print but rather they give more scope for players who choose to use them. For Flintloque you will find all needed rules and types for Mortars in 5027 Grapeshotte expansion book. You can see all our free articles for all game systems (hundreds of articles) on our website HERE. Read on for more. 

The big bore such as our 59520 Mortar Set are not the most common artillery pieces and are mainly used for siege craft as well as long range bombardment rather than on the battlefield...but some armies of Valon make great use of them in the field such as the Von Rotte Dwarves and the Otharmann Empyre. They are open to all armies. Above you see gunners from 54508 Orc Artillery Crew loading fuze shelle into a mortar ready to give the Ferach some fire! 

Mortars in Slaughterloo 
This one page of optional advanced rules can be downloads as a PDF from our online storage by CLICKING HERE. Bolting onto the standard Slaughterloo rules they give more flavour to the masters of indirect bombardment. They also feature a siege mortar artillery piece which is new to the game. 

If you already play Flintloque then you are on your way towards the big battles which Slaughterloo offers. The rules are the largest book Alternative Armies has ever released and contain not only the game but also details of every army on Valon too. It uses the same miniatures, same basing as Flintloque and is a natural progression from skirmishing. Your cannon with crew section or your skirmishers section or your line infantry section becomes a unit in a division of units. Read more about Slaughterloo HERE. The mighty book is in print and a digital download too. 

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  1. Interesting.....

    Thanks for posting the new rules sheet.


    1. My pleasure Tony. Remember if you see the main free download page you will get access to hundreds of articles there.