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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Alternative Armies – Covid 19 Update

Following the Scottish Government announcement last night of ‘effective lockdown’ to be introduced from 23rd March onwards for three weeks or possibly longer the company has put in place measures to maintain service to customers in accordance. We have sent all staff who are able to work from home to their homes to do so. We have removed all but essential members of staff in all areas. This has resulted in our normal level of service being reduced but we remain open online and dispatching. We maintain good stock levels of products and materials and we are confident in our ability to meet orders with a longer delay than usual. 

While the Covid 19 situation remains fluid, we take the safety of our staff very seriously; we observe all current Health and Safety advice from Holyrood and Westminster. 

As and when the situation changes, we shall update this statement to keep Alternative Armies customers informed. 

You can contact Gavin Syme our creative manager as normal through social media such as our Facebook Group, MeWe page and Twitter feed you can also reach him on our reserved email address of which is now tied to his home location. Please ask any questions you may have. 

The company typically works a couple of months ahead of present day so our release and event schedule will remain intact with the March to War mega event occurring at the start of April 2020. 

Please keep safe and keep well following official guidelines on social distancing and self-isolation. 

Thanks for Reading, 


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