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Friday, 13 March 2020

Pint Sized Landlord released and free in every order until 23rd March 2020

“What will it be for you today sir? Beer, Ale, Wine? No. How about a pint sized person for free...” 

As Alternative Armies continues to restore the classic Tabletop ranges of the 1980's to the world we will on occasion find a wee treat and pass it on. We are currently working on the 'Bar Room sets' for later in 2020 but we just could not resist this diminutive fellow. So here he is. Great for any game system and most of all now only released but free too! Go HERE or read on. 

Until 9am GMT 23rd March 2020 we will automatically put one BR14 Pint Sized Landlord worth 1.75GBP into every package shipping out from us all over the world. You need do nothing but order something which qualifies for postage as we will do the rest. Feel free to order this miniature as well if you want and you will still get one free. Have a pint on us! 

BR14 Pint Sized Landlord 
He stands behind the bar slowly polishing a glass or wiping a flagon awaiting custom with a ready smile. Great for use in any game system or a diorama or your wargame collection. One metal miniature which is 24mm tall to the eye line. A short fellow of stout character holding a jug and pouring. The pack is supplied unpainted and without a base. Now restored from its original 1980's release. Go HERE

This special offer goes alongside our month long promotion of 10% off every one of 150 or so codes in our New Releases pages and our free Space Brain in every order. We treat our customers well. We are working on the array of codes in the classic Tabletop collections and more will appear. Most without this kind of offer but some..well some will! 

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