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Tuesday, 5 October 2021

15mm Tabletop Games classic Halflings return!

Two more miniatures of the 1980's returned to the world and back in the Tabletop Games 15mm fantasy range alongside an array of Humans, Creatures, Monsters and more. Go HERE
MDA22 Halfling Warrior and MDA24 Halfling Archer are one piece metal miniatures and both are approx 11mm tall. 
If you are keen on narrative games in the smaller scale or a bit of a dungeon crawler then you cannot go far wrong with the three skirmish value packs we have. Tabletop Human, Asgard Human and Dwarf all with a saving. 

A really unique piece restored to the world and now in resin at a cheaper price the Mummified Wizard on Throne is a great piece for your collection. 

Your adventurers need enemies to battle and what better than a Giant Slug or two. Re-mastered this classic code can be had as a single creature, a pack of four or a saver bundle of twenty for the biggest of slimy encounters. 
Have a browse through this range and see some of the nicest and affordable of the 1980's now at Alternative Armies. 

Lastly all this month you get a free pack of HOT111 Dem Bones automatically in your package when sent out.  Ten pieces in 15mm scale for free.  Great for any setting. Yes, totally free.  See them HERE.
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