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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

By request the All of Erin Bundle is now on the website

The return of Alternative Armies 28mm range of Celtic Mythology called Erin this year brought a lot of joy to tabletop gamers all across the world.  It allowed them to fill in gaps in their collections or to replace lost miniatures or to get into this unique array of fine metal miniatures.  A number of new customers wanted to go 'all in' easily getting their hands on all there was with a single purchase.  We arranged this for them by email and now we present the 'All of Erin Bundle' on the website.  Go HERE for the range.

CMM00 All of Erin Bundle: This special code allows you to purchase every single miniatures in the whole of our Celtic Mythology range in one bundle.  Every Sidhe, Fomorian, Fir Bolg, Milesian as well as all Monsters, Creatures and personalities too.  The bundle also has a built in discount meaning ten percent of the bundle is free.  Codes are all poses from CM1 to CM25.  Currently 85 Miniatures.  Please Note that any new Erin 'CM code structure' miniatures will be added to this bundle at the time of release and the price altered accordingly.

Every miniature in the range is there as a single code too so you can choose exactly what you want.  We also have three Warbands with a saving.  Browse the range HERE.

The first new Erin miniature is coming in November 2021.

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