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Monday, 16 May 2022

USEME UM016 6mm Science Fiction rules released

Back in April we put an article on on our BLOG with lots of new painted images of the great Bradley Miniatures 6mm science fiction range.  As well as the lovely looks we teased the appearance of a new USEME title in the series.  That new title is here; written by Vic Dobson who has created many free scenarios for USEME Starship Battles and USEME 15mm Science Fiction too (you can download these on the website). Go HERE.

Pocket sized and still just 3.50GBP for a set of rules USEME is great fun. While the new rules feature the Bradley Miniatures range they are generic  in which you can use all your miniatures.  This is our sole release in May for this scale and genre.

UM016 USEME 6mm Science Fiction:  As with all the titles in the series this is a fast play one six sided dice set of rules for skirmish or battle level with your 6mm miniatures and also solo play too.  Single or linked games, create your forces and formulate campaigns with a simple set of points values applied to vehicle and troop types.  Optional rules and also four free scenarios which are hosted on its page on the website. Read the contents in detail on the website.  Go HERE for print and HERE for the digital version of the booklet.

There are now fourteen different titles as well as two complete starter sets in the USEME System.  Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical and much more.

The Bradley Range contains more than thirty five different codes in packs and as singles from tanks to walkers to a dropship as well as infantry, towed artillery and much more.  Go HERE.

Thank you for your time and see you out there on the small battlefields of the future!


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