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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Rotational Break and wee 15% discount code at Alternative Armies

The team at Alternative Armies is small and we try to do our best all of the time.  We value every single customer and order when you choose to spend your hard earned money with us.  This is a wee notice to tell you that, as we do each year, we are taking just over a week to do annual maintenance as well as rotational breaks for the lads.  Production, Website and Social Media will cease from Wednesday 18th May to Saturday 28th May.  Our office and email will continue but we will be silent online.  Orders will resume shipping on the Monday once production starts up again.  We will then respond to all social media questions too.  After this our office will take a similar break and be covered by those returned.

As a treat, as a well earned break is given to half of us, we extend a wee offer to you.  If you chose to place an order with us online until the end of May just enter this code into the discount box during checkout 'Hols15' and your total on screen will automatically reduce by 15% before shipping is calculated.  This discount is ON TOP of any Deals and Offers and Slaughterloo DAP's and so on.  We have no further releases this month so have a dig around the WEBSITE.

You can also use this direct link from here to go to the website with it and the 15% discount will already be applied on screen as you checkout with your cart of items: No limit on number of orders and free Alternia Future Fighter worth 2.50GBP in each package automatically as well.

If you have any questions please contact and ask.

Our thanks to Edward Jackson for the new artwork created for the Bier Wars project with Flintloque.  The new Legion de Nain Dwarves are lovely and there are so many of them!

Now I am off on an adventure!


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