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Friday 29 August 2014

56601 Finkelstein Dogman Division Special Offer!


Perhaps the greatest allies of the Ferach Elves can be found among the member States, Duchies and Principalities of the Confederation of Finklestein. A mixture of Dwarves, Ogres and Dogs inhabit this vast area, and the Ferach Emperor has called upon all of them to serve in the fight against his enemies. They have answered this call to arms in droves, swelling the ranks of the Ferach force and securing the front in embattled Krautia against their former friends in the now defunct Krautan League. The Confederation is a loose collection of over one hundred Stattes, or kingdoms, some of these have power others are comic opera baronies who command little more than a few fields and some cattle.

Many of these small states are inhabited by Dogmen who make up about a third of the total region's population. Finklestein Dogmen make fine soldiers and appear in many different uniforms. In fact it is one of the most fertile places on Valon for the creation of a personal army!

We have brand new pictures of one of our favourite and most popular Slaughterloo Divisional Army Packs now on our website. This will allow you to see just what is in this whole army (which can also be broken down and made into a dozen or so Flintloque sections) with a divisional picture and pictures of each part of it too. But that is not all!

Alternative Armies has an offer on the 56601 Finklestein Dogman Division where you can save not only 18% off the list price of all the constituent units when bought separately but also a FREE set of 56537 Dogmen Engineers worth 14.00GBP included automatically in the division box when purchased. Excellent! You can see the Finklestein Division HERE. Total worth is 209.88GBP and price is 166.00GBP including free worldwide shipping.

Pro-Painted and Based Divisional Offer

If you are a fan of our pro-painted miniatures then we can make an extra offer to you. On our pro-painted stock page on the website we have the actual Dogman Division which features in the new pictures for sale. It offers the same saving of 18% off list price AND it has a painted and based set of 56537 Dogmen Engineers worth 25.00GBP included free! This is the exact division which you will be purchasing and there is only one in stock which comes with free unit flags as pictured worth about 20.00GBP too. First come first served. Total worth painted and based as seen is 540.60GBP and price is 420.00GBP including free worldwide shipping. You can see it HERE.

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