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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

LEU03 Princess Julianna marches into eternity....

The last sets of the third limited edition unit code from Alternative Armies is now sold out.  Hence the Princess Julianna marches into eternity only to be seen now second hand or in our 'swop drawer' if we ever get any back to us for exchange.  The final sets went out of stock overnight and my thanks to those who snapped them up.

You can see the sold out page HERE on our website.  It will remain there for reference in the future. It joings the also sold out LEU01 Bella Manicotti and LEU02 Moldsk Guard units.  Each of these units has a story behind them but as I have publically before the story behind the Princess Julianna is the most touching and real to me.

We may create another limited unit code and if you have ideas as to what it might be then tell me by email or in the comments.  You never know...we might just do it.

Thanks for Reading.


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