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Wednesday 6 August 2014

Ferach Elf Line Dragoons the Parts

“Captain Sharke ducked the sabre that sliced through the cold air above his head and before the Elf realised his sword stroke had failed to decapitate the half-orc Sharke swung his own heavy blade and it smashed into the leg of the rider as he passed.  Blood fountained as the ruined leg drooped away from its owning body.  Sharke ignored the scream from the Ferach scum as he continued on and instead looked to the rest of his Rifleorcs.  After a day of walking the ridges of the mountains and avoiding the valleys where the Armoricans rode free they had been forced to cross an open plain to get to the next set of raised stony ground.  It had been a risk, Sharke had known that but they had waited until nearly nightfall and then started at a run across the plain.  It was not far and they had gone in two groups.  When he and the second group were a third of the way across the sparse grass the Elves had sprung upon them at a gallop and now they were fighting for their lives.  But the Dragoons did not have it all their way as bullets from Bakur Rifles spun in the seven grooves of the barrel whip cracked from the hillside where the first group were already pitch up and now lending fire to their fellows aid.  Captain Sharke grimaced and the scars on his face went a livid white.  Some of the Orcs were going to die in this crossing but now a lot more of the pointy eared horse botherers were going to end up worm fodder.”

The standard set of five horses for this new code
Back in the middle of July I put up a posting talking about the modular concept for Ferach Elf Line Dragoons.  If you have not yet had a look at it please read it before this article as it will help it make more sense to you.  Of course if you are a true Flintloque and Slaughterloo fanatic then you will have committed it all to memory by this time and know all about it.  So now I want to show you all a couple of images of what is literally the very first master tins to come out of the brand new master molds and to explain how it will all work for this modular set of white metal miniatures.  Read on.

There are two main focuses in terms of the parts of these modular dragoons.  These are firstly the horses and secondly the riders.  I will look at each in turn starting with the horses.

We wanted to create a set of pieces very much like the white metal ancestors we had seen from the 1970's for our horses.  Basing the design on the typical Ferach Elf horse which is that used by the 51502 Lanciers Rouge its a close match up and blends in well.  There are several pieces to a horse and they are the left side, the right side, the head and the base.  Three different left sides with two legs and three different right sides with tail combined with two different heads means realistically eighteen combinations of pose for the horses. The 'domino' base with its eight holes mean that all the possible poses will 'plug in' easily into place before being mounted finally on a resin cartouche base which we will also supply for free.

The Eight different micro kits for the Elf Riders
With the horses accounted for its time for the riders and these are a bit more original and unique for Alternative Armies certainly.  There are eight different micro kits of Elf rider.  These are an officer, musician, standard bearer, sergeant and four different troopers. Each is composed of white metal parts including legs, a saddle box, upper body, a head and a selection of weapons or special items.  As you can see from the picture the possibilities for each Elf are large with head position and body orientation along with arm selection and pose being your choice.  Armed with Sword or with Musket.  While the special items make your Eagle Bearer and Musician.  At a rough estimate we think that swoping parts about and posing you can get eight riders to about twenty four unique final poses.

So this means that when you combine up the options for the horses and for the Elves riding them you can honestly get around three hundred final cavalry poses or even more if you do a bit of conversions and scratch building yourself.  

This brand new set of miniatures looks like it will be given the following code and title at this time: 51533 Ferach Elf Line Dragoons.  There will be a core Flintloque set of five along with a Slaughterloo unit of ten (with a saving) and also options to purchase single troopers or command poses and also a separate option for the horses too.

Next time we will be a lot nearer to the release of these miniatures and the production molds will be made and ready.  I will be looking at the process of building one of these horses and one of these riders stage by stage.  I will not be doing this myself of course but instead Sam Croes will be your guide and his nimble fingers will show you just what is possible.

If you have any questions or just want to give us a thumbs up then drop me an email or comment here.  I was touched by the emails from the last time telling me that I had made the right choice and that Elf Dragoons were just what was wanted.

Thanks for Reading.



  1. Most excellent, thanks for outlining as these will very much go onto the ordering plate soon. Especially since I *FINALLY* finished those Zombiski Cossacks I've talked about finishing for the past year or so.

    1. Thanks for your comment. These will be released in the coming weeks which gives you some time. Good to hear you have your roving Undead finished that is good work. Have you a picture to share?